‘The Sims 4’ fans demand for better representation of dark skin tones

The Sims 4 fans have, reportedly, sought for more dark skin tones on the game. Thus, the developers have promised to improve customization options to resolve issues over poor representation of dark skin colors.

Over the years, the Sims managed to obtain solid followers and continues to garner positive reviews. The Sims 4 is especially getting high remarks and topping the previous game records. Moreover, there are now 30 million Simmers actively playing the game, and still counting.

The Sims is a life simulation game that allows players just to do everything. There’s so much to do in the game such as building a great career and relationship. At the same time, players can use their Sims’ income to develop their living space.

The Sims 4 developers promised an update

Although there are already great updates in the game, The Sims 4 still lacks diversity in its characters. Thus, players have taken to the game’s community their concern and request for better representation on darker skin tones.

The game’s developers have worked out to improve the game’s experience. Thus, the game’s executive producer, Lindsay Pearson recognizes the fans’ concerns and promises to give better options.

To address the fans’ request, she shared on Twitter that the team is now working on the update. She stated in the video message:

“Inclusivity is at the core of The Sims franchise. From the beginning, we set out to let you make Sims that look that you or people that you know, and right now we understand that right now it doesn’t feel like we’re truly living up to that promise.”

Looking back on the earlier versions of the game, the developers only created several dark skin tones. The first Sim game has three skin tones, and the second has only four. The update aims to fix the lack of skin tones as well as present brand new options. In this way, players will highly appreciate the game’s realistic and diverse design.

Black players have been fighting for years

Black players have been complaining for years about the lack of proper representation in the game. Although the protest is not new, the Black Lives Matter movement made a great breakthrough.

Admittedly, Black players want to have equality in the game by being able to customize themselves. Besides, they demand better tools to create different shades and colors. Other players took to Twitter their demands. Fortunately, they have collected thousands of signatures and were able to get the support of prominent players in the community.

Image Courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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