‘The Sims 4: Snowy Escape’ expansion comes out this week

'The Sims 4: Snowy Escape' expansion comes out this week

The Sims 4 is set to give viewers a peek at their latest expansion pack and it features new activities that your sims could enjoy.

Last month, EA has announced that they are working on providing more content for The Sims community—from skin tones and expanding representation.

However, they have set expectations that they will not release cars, babies, farms, or bunk beds in the next expansion. With only a few weeks before Christmas, EA and Maxis have teased over Twitter on what the Snowy Escape expansion pack could give us.

Polygon reported that The Seasons expansion has already added winter and other related holidays to the game. Last August, fans have also demanded a better representation when it comes to dark skin tones.

However, a report from GameRant said that a lot of users were disappointed with their recent Hispanic Heritage month update as they barely noticed any changes.

Will we get an Asian inspired neighborhood?

The Snowy Escape expansion could be set in Japan as The Sims YouTuber Simmer Erin mentioned in her recent video as per Tech Times.

Based on the teaser image, players might be treated to winter activities that they can do with their sims such as mountain climbing, snowboarding, or taking a leisurely tourist stroll in one of the neighborhood areas.

Fans can get notified via The Sims official YouTube channel as they will reveal their expansion pack in a few hours.

While a potential release for The Sims 5 seems unlikely for this year, fans may need to give Snowy Escape a chance before diving in to the title’s next iteration.

Featured image courtesy of The Sims/YouTube Screenshot

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