‘The Sinking City’ is now on the Xbox Series X/S despite publisher issues


Cthulhu mythos game The Sinking City is now on the Xbox Series X and Series S, even with its many problems with its publisher Nacon.

Developer Frogwares has now released their cosmic horror game The Sinking City on the next-gen Xbox consoles. Similar to the PS5, the title will make everything better, including better graphics, load times, and textures.

Next-gen version will include 4K 60FPS capability

Sinking City is one of the best horror titles in a while, offering fun gameplay with strong storytelling. Now, the title is going next-gen with all the benefits of the platform. Judging from the trailer, this is a differently polished title.

The game is much better on the graphics department, accounting for better lighting and improved textures. Thanks to the beefy hardware that the Xbox has, the game can muster a more streamlined gameplay, with little to no loading times.

From the trailer, the Xbox version of the game will have the same visuals as the PS5. The game came out for Sony’s console back in February, ready for 4K resolution 60 frames per second.

The next-gen remaster also comes with the quests from the Merciful Madness DLC. Even then, the problem continues for Frogwares as their publisher disputes go unsolved.

Frogwares still in dispute with old publisher

Frogwares is under heavy dispute issues with Nacon, leading them to a unilateral breaking off with the latter. Their bitter dispute has been the subject of scrutiny in a while. The fight for the rights of The Sinking City has led to a few questionable events.

Frogwares ended their contract for lack of payment, but the courts reinstated the contract. Until the ongoing lawsuit resolves, everything stays on hold for the devs.

For now, the game will not have a free upgrade for PS4 and Xbox One users. Since Frogwares is not the official publisher listed for the Xbox One, they can’t give a few upgrade. The same is true for the Playstation 4, which is a problem for players.

Even then, Frogwares is giving a special discount to incentivize players who buy the next-gen version. Sinking City will sell for $49.99, a little less than full price for an Xbox Series X/S title.

For players who want the Deluxe Edition, they would need to shell out $64.99. This edition will include all the DLC for the game, so fans can get the full experience. This edition of The Sinking City will not include Smart Delivery for the game, so best be careful.

Featured image courtesy of Frogwares/Youtube Screenshot

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