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The social media strategy behind ‘Fall Guys’ revealed


Fall Guys has one of the best social media teams out there. Mediatonic’s senior community manager tells the secret to their success.

One of the most meme-tastic games of 2020 is Fall Guys. Beyond the game, what makes the title so successful is their social media interactions. Whether it’s announcements or memes, the community can’t help but listen.

Oliver Hindle, Mediatonic’s “Social Media Fall Guy,” shows off how he does it. Beyond the seemingly random and joking ways he does things, there is a process within the chaos.

Irreverence is their secret sauce

Within Hindle’s writeup, he reveals things that most social media managers would know by heart. He talks about speaking the language of the platform, something significant within the industry. Hindle also discusses not doing things to scale.

“Do things that do not scale… until you cannot possibly do them anymore,” says Hindle. “Growing a community or social platform gets easier as you grow.

You can build momentum by going the extra mile upfront and doing things that will become impossible as you grow.”

Within his nuggets of knowledge, Hindle believes that irreverence has value within communities. The common downfall of the ordinary business social media is cut and dry posting. Memes and irreverent behavior are better than posting for the heck of it.

“Irreverence has value and is part of community building,” Hindle notes. “It is actually the super dry and boring posts that you have to be more careful with… not the community memes.”

Community-created content breathes life to a game

Fall Guys is the ultimate party game of 2020. What makes it unique is the fact that it’s easy, fun, and the community is happy to participate. It also helps that the social media team knows how to make the fans collaborate.

In recent weeks, their Twitter account is home to many announcements and jokes. The cheeky reveal of a big pink hammer or the “real” anatomy of a bean is always funny. Community content is also big, considering how colorful the game is.

“Encourage in-jokes, memes, and community-created content,” Hindle details. “Promote this content and use it to attract new players, while rewarding community members with a platform to share their creations and amplify their voice.”

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is big because of its community, and the people at Mediatonic know that. They always tap ways for them to be the talk of the town. They use live streams, Youtube videos, and their mainstream appeal to their advantage.

Fall Guys has a social media team that knows what it’s doing. Hindler details more of his strategy, so his post is a must-read (Thanks, The community appreciates their efforts, and that’s why the game is now at the top.

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