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The things to know about the ‘Pokemon GO’ Fashion Week


Late September marks the time of this year’s Fashion Week in Pokemon GO. In celebration of this event, Gen VI’s Furfrou will be released in the wild, alongside many regional variations. Additionally, some fresh costume Pokemon, timed research quests, and field research tasks are making their place in-game as well.

Furfrou will be a major highlight in the upcoming Pokemon GO Fashion Week. Players will be able to encounter and catch the poodle Pokemon in its natural form. But the dog Pokemon will also come with multiple iterations, depending on the player’s region. These varying versions can be achieved by giving it different trims through the use of Stardust and Candy.

Costume Pokemon

The canine Pokemon is not the sole star of the event, however. Sharing the spotlight, costume Pokemon, Blitzle, Butterfree, and Sneasel, will be making grand appearances as well. Each of which come with their own unique aesthetic, exclusive to the event.

Last year’s Fashion Week Pokemon are making their re-appearance as well. This meant that Crogunk, Kirlia, Shinx, and Smoochum will become catchable in the wild again. But not just their normal versions as their shiny counterparts are also likely to show up as well. Getting a chance to meet these special-event Pokemon would demand complying to timed research quests during the event.

Alternatively, these Pokemon can also be encountered in raids. Although, it separates Sneasel and Shinx as one-star raid encounters from Butterfree and Kirlia as three-star raid encounters.

Those seeking to get their Costume Smoochum and Costume Shinx may also do so via 7km eggs. That is, in addition to the chance of getting an Alolan Meowth and a Galarian Meowth.

Other Major Spotlights

Part of the major highlights of the Fashion Week is also coming across and battling Fashion Challengers. This implies players being able to meet said challengers in PokeStops, whose wins come with multiple rewards.

Speaking of PokeStops, Fashion Week comes with a selection of tasks that players can complete at any time—even after the event. The tasks only require players to take snapshots of specific Pokemon or throw balls for a chance encounter of particular Pokemon.

Meantime, missing out on getting Meloetta by not purchasing a Go Fest 2021 ticket, players can get the legendary Pokemon now via Finding Your Voice. However, those who did get the melody Pokemon will receive a Meloetta Candy instead upon completion of the special research quest.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon GO

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