The things we know so far about ‘The Crown Tundra’ DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra snapshot

With Pokemon Sword and Shield first DLC, Isle of Armor, just released, many are probably wondering what the next DLC has in store as The Crown Tundra sees continued development. While Game Freak has been upfront in showcasing what’s to expect with the coming DLC with the trailers provided thus far, it still raises a question if there’s more.

The Crown Tundra DLC may still be a subject of future revelation. But there are bits of information going around that make for a valid indicator of what to expect as the DLC progresses.


If there’s one thing that is known right now, it has got to be the price of the DLC. As a bundle, meaning both Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, respectively, the expanded contents cost $30/£27.

To date, there is no means to purchase each DLC separately.

Returning Pokemon

Both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield can expect to receive a slew of more Pokemon as returning characters. A dozen of them are already out in the wild with the release of Isle of Armor. But a dozens more are still left to come when The Crown Tundra arrives.

Players need not have to own any of the DLCs to get their hands on the returning Pokemons, however. They only need to have their game updated with the latest patch and get them through trades.

DLC owners, however, have the advantage of meeting the old and returning Pokemon given their access to new maps.

New Pokemon

The still-developing DLC will have its mascot as well. Whereas the Isle of Armor introduced Kubfu to players for the first time, The Crown Tundra will debut Calyrex.

Not much is known about Calyrex, but available information gives a clear picture of what the Pokemon would look like. Most notable for something extremely bulbous atop its head, which appears to be a crown.

In addition to that, the second and last DLC will also feature Galarian forms of existing Pokemon as well as Gigantamax ones. Of those receiving the Galarian treatment, the three legendary birds make for a more exciting premise.

Lastly, the Regis will also see increments in their overall number with the introduction of the electric and dragon types—Regieleki and Regidrago, respectively.


It is not yet fully disclosed what players can expect with The Crown Tundra story-wise. But it is known that the setting will be set around a snowy region and whose theme is “exploration.”

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokémon YouTube channel/YouTube Screenshot

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