The top 3 mobile games of 2021 which are flying under the radar


Every year a batch of new mobile games are released that instantly grab everyone’s attention and surge to the top of the download charts. Just like if you are a gambler that can choose from thousands of casino games at online casinos, gamers also have a considerable number of games to choose from and enjoy. However, rather than instantly select the game that is number 1 in the charts or ones you might have heard of, there are titles that are just as enjoyable but don’t have as much fanfare. 

These games have moved under the radar, but if you carry out just a little bit of research, you will discover some games deserve to be more widely recognized. On this page, you will discover some titles that you perhaps haven’t heard of but should definitely consider when choosing some new games to play on your mobile devices. 

What Makes a Good Mobile Game?

First, we thought it would be sensible to list the things you should look out for that makes an excellent mobile game. Some gamers prefer to play one-tap games, while others prefer the complexity of console games. But what makes people keep coming back for more regarding mobile gaming? Let’s take a look at some critical aspects.


Gameplay is the key ingredient that determines if a game is successful or not. What makes a game addictive is whether it’s entertaining. Ultimately, the game has to be addicting, as if people are not enjoying the gameplay experience, they will delete the game and move on. Simplicity is vital in mobile games, with harder-to-master levels, but the most crucial feature is that the gameplay never ends. This means gamers can keep coming back for more without getting bored.


Although people want their games to be straightforward and last for a long time, an interesting story can also be important. One good example of an excellent story is Zombies, Run, who set out to make their running app different from other apps by adding a compelling storyline that encouraged to come back to hear the next chapter. 

While some titles don’t need a strong story to get gamers hooked, others rely on players developing a bond with the characters or the world that has been created. 


Arcade games are undoubtedly some of the most addicting mobile games. They perform well thanks to the intelligent graphics, easy gameplay, and short levels where gamers can pick up where they left off. However, strategy games are also increasing in popularity, meaning the graphics must be sharp.

Top 3 Under the Radar Mobile Games

Orb Tour

This is based on a character called Snowy, an alien snowcone who has been asleep for many years. You must help him develop skills when he wakes up and acquire all the power orbs in the game’s ten open-world sandbox levels.

Ballz Maze 3D

The objective of this game is to use the ring to collect all red balls as they fall. If you fail to collect just one ball, you cannot complete the level.

Air Hockey Extreme

Those who have played air hockey in real life with be familiar with the concept. You can drag your striker to move it around in this fast-paced game.

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