The top 4 characters on the ‘Genshin Impact’ tier-list

There are over 20 characters to choose from in ‘Genshin Impact,’ but not each of them is great. If players are truly looking for the best of the best in terms of stats, they must first consider the game’s tier list.

The cast of characters in Genshin Impact might seem small for now, but that will grow with updates over time. Currently, there are four characters who are considered top tier. These characters are considered based on their overall stats, usability in exploration, as well as their bonuses when it comes to ascension. Here’s who those four are.


Diluc is a Pyro character with the best DPS capabilities. His strength lies in the fact that he can deal with a surprising amount of Pyro damage against waves of enemies. When partnered with an Anemo hero’s Swirl reaction, the results are devastating.

One of his most useful abilities is his charged attacks. Basically, Diluc will strike endlessly up until the player’s stamina runs out. This is a great tool to use against enemies with high health.


She’s currently the best archer in the game. Her range makes her one of the most devastating Electro characters.

Her Elemental Bursts sees her summoning her companion raven named Oz. During this move, Fischl will have greater movement speed, and she can strike enemies with Electro damage whenever she comes in contact with them. Once the duration ends, Oz will stay behind and continue attacking enemies.


Qiqi is currently the best healer in Genshin Impact. Her healing ability is called Herald of Frost. When used, Qiqi helps her and her allies regenerate HP whenever an enemy is hit. The Herald of Frost also follows Qiqi around and deals Cryo damage to any enemy along the way.

Her consistent healing which relies on enemies that are hit, makes her a must during battles against huge mobs.


It’s good that Venti is one of the banner heroes for the draws this month. He has an amazing AoE skill called Skyward Sonnet. When used, Venti is able to summon a Wind Domain in an area. Enemies in the area will be health consistent Anemo damage.

Once players have Venti, they can find a great substitute for the Traveller, who himself/herself is also an Anemo hero.

These four characters make up the elite of Genshin Impact. If players are lucky enough to get all of these four on their team, then they’ll breeze to the campaign easily. However, since Primagems are scarce, players will still have to pick their draws very wisely.

Image used of Genshin Impact/YouTube

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