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The Twitter hack teen perpetrator was a known ‘Minecraft’ scammer


Twitter, one of the biggest social media platforms today, made headlines last month after experiencing the largest social media breach in history.

The massive Twitter hack made so much noise as big names such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Joe Bidden, and even Barack Obama had their official accounts breached. The hack then turned out to be a crypto scam.

The person behind the Twitter hack

Recent news now reveals that the person behind the high-profile hack was a 17-year-old male named Graham Ivan Clark from Florida. As it turns out, the young “mastermind” has quite the rep record, starting from the age of 10.

The New York Times reports the Clark has since indulged himself within the world of Minecraft at 10-years-old to escape his “unhappy home life,” his friends reveal.

Within this pixel world, however, he developed the skill of being “adept scammer.” His friends further narrate that Clark had “an explosive temper” while exploiting others of their money.

Clark reportedly used the username “Open” or “OpenHCF.” This username has become familiar with a few players as they’ve been scammed with by the same game handle.

The online publication quotes a statement from a 19-year-old Minecraft player who has been a victim of Clark.”He scammed me for a little bit of money when I was just a kid,” says Colby Meeds.

Clark reportedly scammed him for US$50 [AU$69.45] back in 2016 after offering to sell a digital cape, but only to block him after the money was received.

The same happened with Nick Jerome—another one of Clark’s victims. This time, Clark offered to sell his username “Open” for about $100. However, after Jerome sent the money, Clark allegedly blocked him.

The justice system to charge him as an adult

Others might think that by getting involved in Minecraft scams are little compared to the rest of the cybercrime. But, as it turns out, Clark actually committed a cybercrime at the age of 16, after getting involved in crypto theft worth $856,000.

However, since Clark was a minor at the time, he wasn’t charged for the crime, per The New York Times. But for this latest social media heist, police reportedly arrested the teen in his apartment in Tampa, Florida.

This time, he is going to be “charged as an adult with 30 felonies.” Along with Clark are to other young men, Mason Sheppard, 19, (from the U.K.), and 22-year-old Nima Fazeli from Orlando, per Bloomberg.

The three men are accused of hacking into 130 Twitter accounts, 45 of those had tweets orchestrated by them, and they’ve accessed the Direct Message inboxes of the other 36 accounts.  They are also accused of “luring additional victims into sending him Bitcoin donations worth more than $100,000.”

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