The ‘Valorant’ wallhack bug is already under investigation

The 'Valorant' wallhack bug is already under investigation

There is a circulating Valorant wallhack bug today. Riot Games is already investigating the circumstances following patch 1.04.

Riot is dedicating its time to creating a fair environment for Valorant players. Whenever a bug is reported, the developers are quick to ratify the problem. The current Valorant wallhack bug appeared recently and it seems like a fix is on the way.

The latest bug reveals opponents whenever using the A-Site door controls on the map Ascent.

Bugs are inevitable every game. However, the worst type of bugs is those that put players at a huge disadvantage. Such is the case of this current bug.

July 21 patch brings the problem

The latest patch of the game allowed players to use the Valorant wallhack bug.

It was first posted on the Valorant official subreddit. There is no cheat needed. It is easily achieved by activating the door controls.

It does not show a huge outline as the game shows for teammates. However, peaking through the door controls instantly reveals the enemies.

It is a crucial bug considering that positioning in Valorant is important.

According to the poster u/russmankiwi, the bug allowed his team to read the opponent’s play.

“Pretty map breaking bug, have not tested whether this is the same over at B (site),” the poster said.

Riot off to find a fix

The post on the Valorant subreddit easily caught the attention of Riot Games developers. The problem was acknowledged and a fix is coming out soon.

According to the user u/agersant, “wow, that’s a nasty bug! Thanks for reporting it, and thanks for providing a video example too!”

“I just messaged the relevant team about this,” added the developer.

Bugs will not stop the competitive scene

The Valorant wallhack bug will not stop the competitive scene from moving forward. The PAX Arena Valorant Invitational has just started.

This current tournament is part of the Valorant Ignition series. It will take place up until July 26.

The PAX Arena Valorant Invitational is currently joined by top-tier teams such as Team Solo Mid, Cloud 9, 100 Thieves, and a lot more.

20 teams will compete for a playoff spot. The grand winner will take home US$10,000 [AU$14,106]. A total of $25,000 will be given today as well.

The playoffs will be a best of five matches. Meanwhile, the qualifiers will remain in the best of threes format.

Hopefully, the Valorant wallhack bug will not affect the tournament that much. It would be unfortunate if this bug will be exploited to win the tournament.

More Valorant tournaments coming soon

The Valorant Ignition series is not just one tournament. It is a series of competitions held in several countries.

The goal of the series is to bring competitive Valorant games into every region in the world. There will be different tiers of competition as well. Amateurs all the way to professionals have an equal chance of making it to the big stage.

Mandatory.GG X Ignition Series Valorant Cup shall follow the on-going PAX Arena tournament. It will be exclusive to European teams. This proves that Riot is going for a rotating tournament format across the globe.

The current Valorant wallhack bug will definitely be fixed by then. If not, then that might turn off a lot of professionals. It will also affect the image of the game.

Featured image used courtesy of VALORANT/YouTube Screenshot

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