‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 finale hints of a killing spree

The most awaited season 10 finale of the hit Tv series, The Walking Dead hints that too many deaths will be part of the storyline.

Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus and the enforcement of the lockdown, the post-work production of the finale was temporarily suspended. Fortunately, the production team has confirmed that the last episode will immediately air once the lockdown is lifted.

In the recent announcement released by the production team, showrunner, Angela Kang asserted that the final episode will not disappoint the viewers. Furthermore, a lot will be revealed between the whisperers and survivors when the finale hits the home screen.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale hints many deaths

The series had temporarily ended with episode 15, wherein a horde of zombies led by Beta will be avenging the death of Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), leading them to Alexandria.  

On the other hand, in The Certain Doom, Father Gabriel, Carol, Daryl, Negan, and Judith Grimes are among the survivors trapped in a hospital tower. It appears that they have to devise a risky escape plan to survive.

There is no official trailer yet for episode 16, however, in a Twitter post by the Walking Dead mailbag, insider Johnny O’Dell was asked about the number of deaths in the finale.  In response, O’Dell conveyed too many deaths will be witnessed in the finale of The Walking Dead season 10.

What to expect in episode 16

Showrunner Angela Kang had previously announced that The Walking Dead Season 10 finale will deliver thrilling twists and suspense for the viewers. She described the finale as “big-action packed” which will reveal a lot of the casts’ plan of escape or plan of defeating the whisperers.

Angela Kang also teased that the finale has a lot in store for the viewers. The finale could put Negan and Beta in an ultimate battle. Similarly, Maggie’s return to the series will be a big part of the development of the plot.  

A lot of speculations pointed Maggie as having the key to defeat the whisperers. At the same time,  the finale will reveal Maggie’s whereabouts and her return. 

A battle between the survivors and whisperers is much expected to happen. The characters, Carol and Father Gabriel will have bigger roles in the finale as they will be stepping up to do everything to come out victorious. 

When will episode 16 air

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16 will definitely come to the home screen.  There is no confirmation yet from the production on the fixed date, however,  Angela Kang is confident that the ending will be delivered soon.

In the meantime, the previous seasons of  The Walking Dead are available and regularly airs on AMC in the US and Fox in the UK. 

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