‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 finale will have an epic ending

The anticipated TV series, The Walking Dead season 10, teased the fans. The showrunners will release the finale as a movie.

The coronavirus pandemic attributed to the delayed release of the apocalyptic series. The enforcement of the lockdown has made it impossible for the production team of The Walking Dead season 10 finale to air on the scheduled date.  

Although the filming was already completed, post-production work is very much essential to the effects realistic.  With the delay of the series, showrunners have promised the fans that the finale will not disappoint the fans.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will be released as a movie

The Walking Dead star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has recently announced that the finale of The Walking Dead season 10 will turn out like a movie. The actor added that the cast of season 10 had fun filming the series. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan also added that the finale would be like a full movie of The Walking Dead.  The actor teases that the fans will finally witness the character of Negan to fight with Beta. Although the actor did not disclose too much information on the series, the finale will surely reach the big screen once the lockdown is lifted.

What to expect from The Walking Dead season 10 finale

The series’ producer, Greg Nicotero, had announced that the visual effects of The Walking Dead season 10 finale are too many. The work must be carefully done to provide the viewers with thrilling experiences. Also, working on the visual effects will produce a realistic outcome in the end. 

There are a lot of hints that have been released regarding the finale’s plot.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan hinted that there would be a lot of battle in the finale. Deaths will also be inevitable as the main series characters fight with the whisperers. 

The return of Maggie which clears all the mystery surrounding her absence. At the same time, fans are teased that  Maggie may hold the solution on how to defeat the horde of zombies. Nicotero is confident that the series will not delay its release once the pandemic has been contained, and the lockdown has been lifted. 

Is there a renewal on The Walking Dead season 11

Although reports have already circulated of a possible renewal for The Walking Dead season 11, Morgan was silent about it. He added that season 11 is still a mystery.


While it’s thought the season 10 finale will air sometime this year, things aren’t looking so good for season 11.

For the fans and followers of the series, The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air on AMC and Now TV.

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