‘The Walking Dead’ season 10: War with the whisperers hints first deaths

The highly-anticipated finale of the zombie series, The Walking Dead season 10, will finally air on AMC. Moreover, the war with the Whisperers hint deaths.

The producers of The Walking Dead season 10 released new images for the final episode. And fans are now eagerly waiting for the series’ return. Moreover, the pictures tease avid fans a climactic showdown between the Whisperers, Daryl, and the rest of the survivors. In the same manner, a first-look clip also shares a glimpse of what to expect in the finale.

Originally scheduled to air on April 12, 2020, the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to all productions and hence the release of the season finale. Also, post-production delay is related to coordination with other production studios that were in charge of special effects as required by the season finale.

“The Walking Dead” season 10 hints character’s death

Appropriately titled as “A Certain Doom,” the 16th episode shows survivors holed up in a hospital as they prepare for a battle with Beta. Beta is the new leader of the Whisperer and his hordes. The teaser may also point to the demise of one The Walking Dead regular. In this season, producers saw it best to phase out Father Gabriel (played by Seth Gilliam) as he fights off not just one, but two more Whisperers.

Just days from its release, a clip has seemingly sealed the death of one of its major characters. Daily Express reports that the footage shows a group of survivors prepare their way to attack the Beta, as well as the horde of zombies.

In the footage, it reveals Father Gabriel’s change of plan to lure the zombies away from the Oceanside. On the other hand, Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, leads a group of survivors away from the Beta’s horde. He emphasizes that the plan may work, “but not everyone will make it through.”

Angela Kang confirms six extra episodes

Episode 16 of the tenth installment is technically not the season finale anymore. According to Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, six bonus episodes will be added to the current installment. Production will also start very soon.

Moreover, showrunner Angela Kang also confirms that the extended episodes will be released in early 2021 before season 11 starts. She said:

“There are some things that get set up at the end of season 10, which was our intended ending, [and] we will start to dive into some of those mysteries that we’ve left behind.”

Image Courtesy of We Got This Covered/YouTube Screenshot

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