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‘The Winds of Winter’: George RR Martin once again angers fans


George R.R. Martin has been announcing new projects here and there, but not the much-awaited The Winds of Winter. With the lack of update and progress, fans seem to be upset with the famed author for not focusing on finishing the A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

Fans have been waiting for a new The Winds of Winter update, but Martin has yet to give any. It has been almost a decade since A Dance of Dragons dropped, so will this sixth book installment still see the light of the day?

In the Lost Lands sequels

Fans are once again angered by the 72-year-old novelist’s blog post, saying he is ready to write In the Lost Lands sequels if its movie adaptation becomes a big hit.

The film, starring Milla Jovovich as Gray Alys and Dave Bautista as Boyce, is also inspired by Martin’s novel with the same title.

Martin continued that he had always wanted to write sequels of the book and even had written a few pages.

Fans can’t help but be upset by Martin’s announcement. It looks like while there are fans who are waiting for The Winds of Winter’s completion, he is ready to work on something else.

He also didn’t give any update about the A Song of Ice and Fire novel on his blog.

According to BlockToro, his followers find him un-respectful of his own book and only want money and new projects.

A new HBO project

Aside from the In the Lost Lands sequels that he wants to start, Martin is also working on a new HBO project.

The wordsmith also confirmed on his blog the new show that he oversees is now in development. It is a true story based on a book by Roger Zelazny called Roadmarks.

However, though Martin and HBO are yet to announce the series is now in the works, the words already leaked, per Cinemablend. It even lists Star Trek: Discovery’s Kalinda Vazquez as part of the project.

“We had not intended to announce anything yet, to be sure. Development is a long and uncertain process,” Martin explained. “Thousands of shows are pitched, hundreds of pilots are written, dozens of pilots are filmed, but only a very few of them ever get greenlit to series.”

“What’s the point of announcing projects that might never make it to air?” he added. “That’s why HBO — like most other networks and streamers — prefers to keep these things quiet.”

Anyhow, working on a new project or not, fans are still dismayed that he is not focusing on doing The Winds of Winter.

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