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‘The Winds of Winter’ July 2020 release date possible? GRRM responds


The Winds of Winter may or may not come out this month, but chances are more likely that it isn’t, considering the latest update from George R.R. Martin.

The Winds of  Winter is long overdue because the last book was released nine years ago. For almost a decade, fans have been waiting for the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire. There are rumors that it might come out this month, but George R.R. Martin’s latest update proves otherwise.

The Winds of Winter coming out in July 2020

The Winds of Winter release date has been a hot topic in the past years. Fans have been talking about it for almost ten years already because the last ASOIAF book entitled A Dance with Dragons was released in July 2011. Thus, it’s been nine years of waiting and counting.

There were rumors that TWOW is coming out this July 2020. The speculation started in a Twitter post from Fandom.

“George R.R. Martin says if ‘The Winds of Winter’ isn’t out by July 29, 2020, fans can imprison him,” the tweet read.

TWOW still in the works

However, on his blog entry dated June 30, the author shared several updates about his workload. George R.R. Martin mentioned the Worldcon in New Zealand or CoNZealand that’s going virtual. He is also hosting the Hugo Awards ceremony.

GRRM said he wanted to attend the Worldcon in the flesh because it’s a “professional conference” and a “family reunion” for him.

“Most of all it is a family reunion, a place where I get to laugh and drink and share meals with old friends, meet new friends, and catch up with so many of the people I love, people I do not get to see anywhere else,” he wrote.

“So let’s work hard on that vaccine, all you docs out there; I will be at CoNZealand in spirit, but I want to be at DC in the flesh.”

Martin knew that fans would question his productivity about the anticipated TWOW book, so he made a brief mention of it.

He assured fans that he is still working on it. Thus, The Winds of Winter is still not done and might not be ready to be released this month.

“OF COURSE I am still working on WINDS OF WINTER as well. That really should go without saying, yet somehow I need to say it, or someone might make stupid assumptions,” he continued.

“Just because I do not mention it in every Not A Blog does not mean it is not happening,” he added.

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