‘The Winds of Winter’ Update: Will fans still get their hands in the novel

The Winds of Winter

Fans are still patiently waiting for George RR Martin to finish the much-awaited book, The Winds of Winter. As he is now busy doing other things, will the bookworms ever get their hands in this novel?

Some said Martin has a lot of time doing other things but not working on The Winds of Winter. As he recently revealed that he is “hugely behind” the sixth novel in A Song of Ice and Fire book series, will it still see the light of the day?

Martin’s other works aside from TWoW

According to BlockToro, fans feel frustrated that Martin has time to do other works except for the novel series.

He is now working on two new HBO series, House of the Dragon and Roadmarks, which causes a significant delay in the book’s completion.

The 72-year-old novelist announced the news on his blog post, revealing he had signed a new five-year deal with HBO.

The new Game of Thrones spinoff and the new series will be seen on HBO and HBO Max.

In addition, he is also working on Meow Wolf and Railroad stuff, along with a new Wild Cards book.

With all of these on his plate, does Martin still have time to work on The Winds of Winter?

‘Hugely behind’ writing the sixth book

After revealing he has worked on writing “hundreds of pages” for The Winds of Winter, Martin now says he is “hugely behind” it.

In a post on his Not a Blog web journal, the short story writer says he is “hugely behind” on working particular project.

Though he didn’t reveal what it is, fans already have an idea about it. He also shared his frustration over feeling compelled to keep updating his blog.

“What I had intended as an occasional pleasure and a way to stay in touch with my readers has become a Blog,” he said.

“(Ironically, at the same time as everyone else was abandoning their blogs for Facebook and Twitter), complete with a sense of obligation,” he continued.

Martin revealed when he continuously fell further behind when a lot of things started happening.

“I am hugely behind right now, and the prospect of trying to catch up is feeling increasingly oppressive,” he explained.

The Winds of Winter release date

The penultimate book was supposed to be out in July 2020, but nothing came out until now. It was then delayed until further announcement.

However, with the works Martin has to do, it looks like it will still take a lot of time before fans will get their hands on The Winds of Winter.

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