‘The Winds of Winter’: Will George RR Martin Still Finish 6th ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Novel?

The Winds of Winter author George RR Martin

Every time George RR Martin will make a post or a blog, fans will expect it to be about The Winds of Winter. But as his recent blog post has nothing to do with the much-awaited novel, is there a new update about the book?

Martin’s recent post is about how his sponsored scholarship helps out other people. Sadly, there is no hint at what is next about The Winds of Winter or any book update.

‘Paying it Forward’

Martin’s latest post is titled “Paying it Forward.” Here, he shares to his fans an email he receives from one of his scholarship recipients, named Isabel Canas.

Canas received the Worldbuilder scholarship from the novelist to attend Clarion West in 2018, BlockToro noted.

The scholar has now written a novel, called The Hacienda, and just like Martin, she sponsors one student and hopes to give more.

Martin expresses her excitement to read Canas’ novel and even shares the Goodreads link so that his fans can see it, too.

The author hopes to encourage more people to help others have a better future. However, despite his good initiative, fans still fill his comment box with questions about The Winds of Winter.

As they seem to be bombarding Martin with numerous book questions and requests, they seem to become quite toxic.

The Much-Awaited Conclusion of A Song of Ice and Fire

Martin has said before he desperately wants to finish A Song of Ice and Fire. Though a decade has already passed and the sixth book has yet to come out, per The Ringer.

However, it remains a big question to everyone as to why he continuously accepts other projects despite not finishing off his novel series first.

He will often write “busy” or “tired” at the end of his blog posts. But with the number of projects he has on hand, doesn’t he want to take things easy?

It even seems to be a miracle that Martin managed to squeeze in writing “hundreds and hundreds of pages” for the book in February. However, he still has hundreds, if not thousands, of pages more to write.

Though sure, Martin doesn’t own anything to fans and readers alike, it seems like he owes it to himself.

He may find it hard to refuse other project offers, from looking after an HBO show to editing and writing other books, but his trademark project seems to be suffering.

If this will continue, will Martin still finish The Winds of Winter?

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