‘The Witcher 3’ will load faster, support raytracing in next-gen consoles

The Witcher 3 trailer snapshot

With CD Projekt Red planning to release The Witcher 3 to both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the game is set to take advantage of next-generation consoles’ advanced features, including faster loading times and improved lighting.

It truly is an exciting time with what is in store in gaming, especially for The Witcher fans. Not only will gamers see the release of the latest entry in the PlayStation and Xbox line-up, the confirmation that The Witcher 3 releasing on both consoles only adds to it.

Negligible Waiting Time

While much about the new consoles remain relatively obscure, few things that are known give high hopes about future gaming. One of those features includes a little to inexistent loading times, which appears to draw from the new hardware’s insanely fast SSD.

The idea of cutting offloading times may not be possible with The Witcher 3. But it can be anticipated to be drastically reduced, much to the idea of leaving no space for waiting time and, thereby, making a more hands-on experience.

Better Visuals

The introduction of raytracing on the next-gen console, too, presents another interesting element about the game’s future port. To the unaware, raytracing is a fairly recent technology by Nvidia. It’s a technology that takes full advantage of the modern component in rendering high-quality visuals involving lighting.

To anyone who has already witnessed the difference between a graphics with raytracing enabled and disabled, the disparity is best described as a contrast in having an almost vivid visual and less realistic imagery, relative to light. Which, in context to The Witcher 3, could substantially bring out more beauty to an already gorgeous game.

Combined, these two features will surely make for embellishment to the game. Which, according to a press release sent to TheGamer, “will feature a range of visual and technical improvements” to it.

While the benefits will be applicable to the base game, the press release confirms that it will also apply to the DLCs just the same, which should make perfect sense considering the DLCs’ relative core similarities with the base game.

Free Upgrade

Players who already own a copy of The Witcher 3 in any of the current-gen platforms would be ecstatic for a free upgrade. This means having the chance of playing the game in its newfound glory without spending an additional penny.

There is no definitive date yet as to the game’s release on next generations platforms. But players can expect it to arrive sometime next year.

Image used courtesy of The Witcher/YouTube Screenshot

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