‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’ is AR approach to franchise

The Witcher: Monster Slayer short trailer snapshot

What do you get when you fuse the popular gameplay mechanics of Pokemon GO and that of The Witcher series?

An augmented reality game where you do simple sleuthing, quests, and hunting various monsters, of course. All the while living up to the code of being a Witcher.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer, simply put, is indeed that game.

Despite the glaring similarity, creating The Witcher: Monster Slayer took an altogether different developer: Spokko Games.

Roaming the Outdoors for Monsters

Featuring the same venturing mechanics as seen in Niantic’s brainchild, Monster Slayer sees the players venturing the outdoors. But, this time, not to catch many of the world’s elusive monsters. Rather, to kill them and complete objectives, whether imposed by the game or just personal undertaking.

While seeing each unique monster appear on the map in real-time is part of the excitement, another aspect of it is combat. Which, like most challenging games, requires special tactics to accomplish and is, most times, a balance between offense and defense.

Part of the appeal also boils down to the game’s visuals and interactivity. Not only is each creature presented is as detailed as possible, they individually respond convincingly according to the creature they represent—the difference of which also determining how the player will respond to it when met in battle. Seemingly, mastering each monster is key to their subduing.

Engrossing Combat

Although the trailer has been pretty brief in what players can do during combat, the little diversity provided gives enough information regarding the game’s clever mechanics.

Similar to other games in the franchise, players get to wield a Silver blade specifically for killing monsters. In addition, players will also get throwable explosives as part of their inventory. And, not to forget, the unique spells that any Witcher could learn and muster during fight. Some spells are also better suited in specific situations than others.

Another exciting aspect of The Witcher: Monster Slayer is the crafting mechanics. A feature that gives the players access to a wide variety of arsenal that could help them in their journey.

User-friendly Interface

Being a mobile title, user interface plays critical role in presenting the game’s appeal. With already a precedent to a game of similar genre, the developers seem to do well in keeping the UI simple. Or, in areas that are not copied, effective enough in giving information to the game’s important details.

The game does not have yet an official launch date, yet. But eager players can sign up to a newsletter to get up-to-date with the game’s progress and future events.

Image used courtesy of The Witcher/YouTube Screenshot

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