‘The Witcher’ season 3 quietly renewed, season 2 airing late 2021

The Witcher Ciri

Netflix reportedly gave The Witcher season 3 the green light despite no official announcements for now, and the show will likely launch its second season in late 2021.

Production for the Henry Cavill-led series is actively underway on location in Hungary for the second season. However, The Witcher season 3 recently appeared on the Writers Guild of America’s database of incoming work.

Redanian Intelligence claimed that the listing on the database is for the third season covering 2020-2021. The second season covered 2019-2020, which is likely indicative of the length of the writing process or pre-production.

Rumors of a third season have been rife since the show’s launch on the streaming platform. The latest report provides proof that Netflix is keen on continuing with the series even as the second season is not yet out.

Ciri seen training at Kaer Morhen

Sources said that the show will likely return on Netflix in late 2021, based on the production’s timeline. Principal photography for The Witcher season 2 is projected to finish in February 2021 with an additional six to eight months for post-production.

Speaking of production, new photos from the set of the second season reveal Ciri (Freya Allan) training in what looks like Kaer Morhen. The actress was also spotted wearing a new costume and was working alongside an unidentified actor in elven make-up and costume.


The Witcher season 2 will follow events from the book Blood of Elves from author Andrzej Sapkowski. Part of its story involves Ciri learning to harness her powers with the help of Geralt (Cavill). But it’s not just Geralt who will be helping the budding sorceress as the show will also introduce new witchers like Vesemir, Eskel, Lambert and Coën.

However, the Netflix series might have a few surprises that are different from the books as what showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich did for season 1.

A production mistake

Meanwhile, Hissrich revealed that they made one particular mistake in The Witcher season 1 with the bard Jaskier (Joey Batey). Apparently, a fan pointed out that Jaskier never aged in the first season’s confusing flashbacks and flashforwards.

“No, he just had great genes, you know, clearly,” Hissrich joked and then said it was indeed a mistake.

“Jaskier was always the outlier,” referring to their whiteboard timeline in the writers’ room. The team will likely not run into the same problems this season as the timeline will be pretty straightforward.

The Witcher season 1 continues to stream on Netflix. Teasers to the second season will likely come out in spring 2021.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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