‘The Witcher’ wants Dave Bautista for season 3: Report

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista might be joining the world of The Witcher. Rumors are rife that he’s in discussion to board the Netflix show’s third season.

The Witcher is currently in the middle of filming its second season, months after the coronavirus lockdown. However, plans are reportedly in the works for season 3, but Netflix hasn’t confirmed the renewal yet.

We Got This Covered reported that Bautista is possibly joining The Witcher season 3 for an original role. This means that his character is not in the book source from Andrzej Sapkowski. The actor, however, could fit right in based on his love for the fantasy genre.

Earlier, the news outlet also revealed that Netflix has quietly renewed the fantasy series starring Henry Cavill for season 3. Sapkowski’s The Witcher: Time of Contempt will be the main inspiration for the third installment.

Bautista as Letho?

Fans on Reddit have already visualized Bautista in the role of Letho. The character also does not appear in the books, but he is popular in video games.

Letho of Gulet, or the Kingslayer from the School of Viper, is bald and burly, matching the physique of Bautista. Geralt of Rivia saved him from death, and as a debt of gratitude, Letho helped Geralt search for the Wild Hunt. Letho also took care of Yennefer when Geralt sacrificed himself in exchange for the sorceress.

However, Netflix’s The Witcher mostly bases its storylines from the books and not the video games. So, there could be a small chance of Letho appearing in the TV series.

Cavill shares BTS photos

Meanwhile, with production resuming, Cavill took a chance to share some behind-the-scenes photos on social media. The actor teased a glimpse of his painstaking preparations as Geralt of Rivia in the makeup room and gave a shoutout to the hair and makeup crew.

“No bald cap this year. Just pounds of 2 types of medical tape and some glue,” the actor said. “Removal is a joy. Jacqui and Ailbhe here, though, have the deft touch of angels. Jacqui more so an Angel of Vengeance, but that’s all part of her charm.”


Cavill also assured fans that The Witcher set is “clear and bubbled” from the coronavirus. Safety protocols include getting tested twice a week.

The actor also mentioned something about Kaer Morhen, which is where all the witchers get their training. It’s also the home of Vesemir, Geralt of Rivia’s mentor and father figure. This indicates that Kim Bodnia, who was cast as Vesemir in 2019, is likely filming on the set as well.

Netflix hasn’t announced when The Witcher season 2 will premiere. Principal photography is expected to last until early 2021.

Image used courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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