The ‘Wolverine’ game will have a matured tone


After its first reveal trailer, Marvel’s Wolverine game has become probably one of the most-awaited titles to watch out in the future.

During the PlayStation Showcase last week, the Wolverine game trailer presented a very brief look. But now its director has shared key information. Surely, it will escalate the hype among the fans. Especially relating to its tone and overall theme.

‘Marvel’s Wolverine’ game: What to expect?

In a recent media interaction, Director Brian Horton confirmed that Wolverine would have a mature tone at its core.

As you already saw in the trailer, Logan is seen sitting in a bar. A tall man approaches him from behind with a knife. And then the claws come out instantly, revealing the identity of the man in a cowboy hat.

With the director’s confirmation, it’s now almost certain that Wolverine will dive into various dark aspects. Especially when it comes to Logan’s life and his comics experiences, it will be quite fascinating to see how Insomniac nails this project.

Fans also have full faith in the team behind the super successful Spider-Man franchise. Recently, it officially revealed a sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man as well.

It simply means that there are two huge Marvel-based gaming titles to get hyped for in the next two years.

Get ready to become a protagonist with Adamantium claws who will chop the enemies in a gory manner because it will be a full-on action RPG, no doubt.

It’s Wolverine, after all!

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New games in 2021

Meanwhile, this calendar also has a lot to offer regarding fresh releases in the remaining months.

Hardcore gamers will witness tons of options in terms of AAA heavyweights. To name a few of them, there is New World, Halo Infinite, Dying Light 2, Far Cry 6, and Battlefield 2042.

Activision and Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty: Vanguard will also make its way two months later. It is probably the most awaited title of 2021. Also because its primary focus, unlike the past entries, will remain on the multiplayer aspect.

Then there’s Back 4 Blood, the next big installment after Left 4 Dead.

During the early gameplay phase, comprising of open betas, most gamers have already praised it, which means that it will surely gain a massive following upon the release in just under a month.

Coming back to Marvel’s Wolverine, it is in the development phase for PlayStation 5.

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