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The Xbox Series X will be better than the PS5 says Shroud


While many are pleased with the newly unveiled PS5, Mixer star Shroud has his qualms about Sony’s next-gen console.

Sony has finally unveiled the PS5 hardware after grueling months of silence. Naturally, the console reveal only furthered interest in the next-generation console. But for former pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, he thinks the console is too small to be powerful.

Not only that, but Shroud also thinks the Xbox Series X will be better than the PS5.

PS5 too small to be powerful?

After Sony’s Future of Gaming event, where they not only revealed the Playstation 5’s hardware, Shroud took to Mixer to stream his thoughts regarding the event.

According to the 26-year-old, the event wasn’t all that impressive, average at best, to be exact. Not only that, but he also thinks the PS5 console looks like a router and fears it won’t deliver what it promised. This is mostly due to the console’s size, which he thinks is too small to be powerful.

“It looks OK, but I’m just concerned because it looks pretty small. So I don’t think that good of a console spec-wise if it’s that tiny,” the Mixer star says in his stream.

Analysts estimate that the Playstation 5 would be 14-inches high, eight inches wide, and around four-inches thick. For a console, it’s definitely up there when it comes to size. Apparently, though, Shroud still doubts the next-gen console’s capacity.

When asked if he thinks the Xbox Series X would be better, he didn’t hold back in saying that it will be. Although he is still unsure just how much better it would be compared to the PS5.

Facing backlash

Shroud, being a prominent figure in gaming, did not escape the ire of PlayStation enthusiasts with many claiming bias and pointing out his relationship with Microsoft.

It’s no secret that Microsoft, which owns Xbox, also owns Mixer, Shroud’s main streaming platform. This means Shroud is more or less contracted to Microsoft and is inclined not to bite the hand that feeds him.

Which is better: Xbox Series X or the PS5?

Public perception is mixed when it comes to the better next-gen console. On the technical side, the Xbox Series X seems to have the advantage with its ultra-powerful GPU and storage. However, the PS5’s SSD is also something that could push next-gen gaming experience to the next level experts say.

The Future of Gaming event drew in quite the interest for the PS5. It had significantly more viewers than Microsoft’s Xbox games showcase last month. However, Microsoft is yet to reveal first-party games for the Xbox Series X, which is something to hope for.

Sony currently holds the market lead in terms of gaming consoles with the massive success of the PS4. Many successful exclusive titles for the PS4 pushed more players to purchase the console since the console was released. This is probably what Sony hopes to accomplish again with the PS5.

Unfortunately, for Sony, Microsoft also has a significant offering in the cost-effective Smart Delivery System.

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are set for a holiday season release.

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