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The Xbox Series X will crush the PS5, here’s why


It looks like Microsoft has a number of advantages over Sony when the Xbox Series X and PS5 arrive later this year.

The arrival of the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 is fast approaching. But in the race for the best next-generation console, it looks like one of them has a good head start over the other.

Tech analysts are already hailing the Xbox Series X as the most powerful gaming console ever made to date. However, performance alone wouldn’t guarantee an all-out victory for the console. Sony still has the market lead, but Microsoft has already put in place features that could prove advantageous to the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Game Pass: the best subscription service

There is none like the Xbox Game Pass service in the world of gaming. The service had just recently hit over 10 million subscribers, and its success is largely attributed to what it offers to players.

For a subscription fee of $9.99, players would be able to gain access to a large catalog of free games for a whole month. The service offers up to 100 free PC and Xbox games with full-access. Because of this, the Xbox Game Pass is considered as the “Netflix of the gaming world.”

More than that, Microsoft is offering the service in a bundle. For only $14.99, players would be able to subscribe to both the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Live. This combination provides loads of free games, apps, services, and rewards to Xbox players.

Microsoft’s PR Game

Microsoft has left Sony behind in terms of marketing. Ever since the Xbox Series X was announced last year, the company has not failed to keep their fans updated. Not only that, but they have also managed to deliver updates in a timely manner.

Xbox recently held a virtual games showcase and revealed the third-party games that would arrive with the next-generation console. Furthermore, Xbox had announced that it would be just the first of many exciting announcements.

With the launch of the Xbox 20/20, Xbox fans can expect updates on the next-gen console every month until its release.

As for Sony, their marketing exploits had proven unremarkable. Nothing much is known about the PS5 other than its technical aspects. And even the announcement for how the PS5 would perform turned into an unnecessary lecture riddled with technical jargon.

Microsoft keeping the excitement going for the Xbox Series X would no doubt prove beneficial when the console is released.

The All-Access Program advantage

There is a possibility that the Xbox Series X could be priced higher than the PS5. But even if that happens, the Xbox Series X could still end up being the more affordable console. This is all thanks to Xbox’s All Access Program.

Microsoft isn’t blind to the financial problems the pandemic would no doubt bring. In fact, he acknowledged this during an interview with IGN saying:

“We would be remiss if we did not talk about the economic realities that could be here [in the Fall]. Not to be all doom and gloom, but you saw the jobless claim numbers that came out. There is a lot of uncertainty [in the market]. I think gaming is a luxury and we should all understand that.”

With the economic struggles brought by the novel coronavirus pandemic, buying a new console in itself could be too much of a luxury. However, with the All Access Program, consumers could choose to pay for the Xbox Series X through monthly installments.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer himself has confirmed that the All Access Program will be going big once the next-gen console is released. This could prove to be the biggest advantage the Xbox Series X would have against the PS5.

The Smart Delivery plan

Microsoft definitely did the right thing when they launched the Smart Delivery plan. Through this, players only need to purchase a game on the Xbox One once, and they’ll be able to get it for free on the Xbox Series X.

However, this does not apply to every game on the Xbox One. All of the future Xbox exclusive games for the Xbox One would also get a next-gen version for the Xbox Series X. Players only need to pay once, and they would be able to get the next-gen version for free.

Third-party games could also be included in this plan as long as they have a “smart delivery” tag. This would be a step up from being backward compatible. Players should expect the current generation of games to be backward compatible with next-generation consoles.

However, with the smart delivery plan, players would be able to get an improved next-gen version of these games for free.

Xbox Series X release

Microsoft has confirmed the release window for the Xbox Series X to be sometime during the holiday season this year. Rest assured, Microsoft will be releasing a number of updates prior to the console’s release.

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