There aren’t ‘nearly’ enough games based on Egyptian mythology

Egyptian Mythology is something that most video games are missing out on, as of now, as they are focusing largely on European facts.

It is a known fact that video games love to draw inspiration from well and renounced ancient cultures. But the focus is solely on European mythologies as developers often ignore unheard stories right from the Egyptian mythology.

Most of the compelling source and video game inspirations are done from Greek or Roman mythology. These have happened with a rising title of games based on Norse tales.

The cultural impact of Egyptian Mythology over the years

Egyptian mythology is not only about the pantheon of gods and an intricate relationship. But there is also a canon of stories that can be served as a proper base for storytelling and good source material.

Moreover, what makes Egyptian mythology an exciting option is that the mythology was never static. There have been acts of renaissance and modern culture introduced in the Egyptian culture back in the days.

Over time, different rulers have come into power, which has provided intrinsic conflict and motivation. As well as added inspiration, it is a good lead for video games to grasp.

Some of the video games have indeed done an incredible job depicting mythology.

The Assassin’s Creed Origins series has done a phenomenal job of replicating the Ancient culture. Games like SMKTIE have included well-known Egyptian gods like Osiris and Ra.

Egyptian mythology deserves a much better place

Egyptian mythology deserves a better place in video games than what has been portrayed.

There is a Neo-Nazi problem. White supremacists have often co-opted Greek and Roman imagery. In this context, refusing to tell the stories which have happened, tracing back to the time, feels even more important to be pointed out.

Egyptian mythology will help players and developers create a rich story that is untouched and needs not be refined. It even highlights the underrepresented cultures.

By ensuring the storytelling in the same way, more place will be given to POC characters and Egyptian development studios.

Centering the unheard stories of the often overwritten cultures will bring much more attention to the underrepresented parts.

It also provides new and better content for players that they are not familiar with. Rather than constantly retreading the same mythological grounds, it will be a fresh new start for creators and players to dive their minds into.

If done correctly, a game that tells stories from the Egyptian cultures will hold stakeholders’ development.


Image courtesy of New Historia/YouTube Screenshot

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