There will be a new Instagram for kids under 13

Facebook will soon come up with a new version of Instagram. But it will only be for minor children and teens under 13.

Makers of Instagram just announced that a new children-friendly version is currently in development. And it will only be for the users under the age group of 13.

The objectives will focus on protecting young individuals’ privacy and information who use the social media app.

Instagram for children: Everything you need to know

Vishal Shah, vice president of Instagram, shared vital details regarding the new change. He wrote on the employee message board about the importance of youths and their protection on the internet.

“I’m excited to announce that in the future, we have identified youth work as a priority for Instagram and have added it to our H1 priority list.”

Mentioning teens and their safety while using online platforms, he wrote:

“We will be building a new youth pillar within the Community Product Group to focus on two things: (a) accelerating our integrity and privacy work to ensure the safest possible experience for teens and (b) building a version of Instagram that allows people under the age of 13 to use Instagram for the first time safely.”

Currently, Instagram prohibits teens under 13 from using the social media app.

After its vice president, the main head, Adam Mosseri, confirmed, in his tweet, that a version of the app is “something we’re exploring.”

Mosseri said that after Messenger Kids, Instagram’s new avatar for teens would indeed prove to be great.

Privacy becoming a significant priority

The news of a revamped version of the popular photo-sharing portal comes just a few days after the company’s blog post. It was about “protecting young people.”

In its official blog post, Instagram agreed that some individuals could lie about their actual age while registering for the app.

Now the confirmation of a teen-friendly version seems to be a perfect solution for such situations.

Because those under the age of 13 years won’t have to lie about their birth date while signing up, they will have a dedicated platform for just themselves.

Speaking of the current scenario, then it seems like a good step from the Facebook-owned service.

These days, it has become impossible to prevent youths, tiny children, from entering the online world of unwanted content.

With an alternate version of a popular social media app like Instagram, they can only view and share content they think about. There won’t be anything extra they will see, which is not required.

The immense impact of the internet and trending apps has already affected the way children behave and interact. Thus, there has to be some restriction or limit to what they are searching and doing on various portals.

And because privacy is so valuable at the moment, all these steps will eventually prove crucial.


Image courtesy of Pixabay/Pexels

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