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There won’t be a Smart Delivery alternative for the PS5 says Sony


The PS5 won’t be following in on the Xbox Series X’s footsteps when it comes to cross-generation upgrade programs.

Microsoft had lagged behind Sony in terms of current-generation console sales. But they’ve really stepped it up on consumer services. Now, it seems like Sony doesn’t plan on bringing one of the Xbox Series X’s best features to the PS5.

The Smart Delivery program

Microsoft published a blog dated June 15, confirming that both physical and digital games for the Xbox Series X will support Smart Delivery. This also includes Xbox Game Pass titles.

Smart Delivery is basically a cost-effective cross-generation upgrade program. Through this program, Xbox players need only to buy a game once. Afterward, they would be able to play them on both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft explained the program in detail on their blog saying:

If you own Gears 5 or are loving it via Xbox Game Pass now, you can play it today on Xbox One. Then, if you pick up an Xbox Series X this holiday, all it takes is a push of a button to download it and you’ll have the Optimized version of Gears 5 – available on day 1 at launch with the console – at your fingertips.”

The company used Halo Infinite as an example for Smart Delivery. The game is set to launch this coming holiday season on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. When a player buys the game, they will get the best version of Halo Infinite for their preferred console.

Players that own both the Xbox Series X and Xbox One would be able to play the best version of the game. Smart Delivery will recognize whichever console a player is using. It will then deliver the best version of the game for them to play. This means that the Smart Delivery guarantees save compatibility.

Xbox One titles will also be optimized for the Xbox Series X. When this happens, players that own these Xbox One titles will automatically get a next-gen upgrade if they decide to purchase an Xbox Series X.

No Smart Delivery solutions for the PS5

PlayStation enthusiasts hoping to grab the all-new PS5 later this year shouldn’t expect any cross-gen title upgrades for free.

Sony doesn’t intend to provide a Smart Delivery-like alternative for the PS5. Furthermore, they won’t encourage or require cross-gen upgrades. Instead, they would let it up for game publishers to decide whether they want players to upgrade their titles for free.

A report published by GameSpark and translated by Video Games Chronicle explains that Sony wants to be as flexible as they can with publishers regarding next-gen upgrades. This means that publishers have the choice to support automatic upgrades or not.

This could pose as a problem for players wanting to buy the PS5 when purchasing late-gen PS4 games.

On the bright side, Sony did confirm that the PS5 will support most of the games on the PS4. However, it’s still unclear how backwards compatibility will work on the PS5.

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