These ’80s horror games will surely chill your bones

Even though there are not many notable games from the ’80s, these horror games are sure to chill your spine.

What comes to your mind when you try to think about video games from the 80s? Does it remind you about the gore or some classic horror that you have already seen?

From Capcom’s recently released horror game, Resident Evil Village, we have been quite evident that gamers are more inclined towards games that ask them to survive on a very thin line.

Some other titles have made it to the top list, such as Outlast, Dying Light, and Alien Isolation. But if you are a fanatic of the old stuff, this list will surely be the best for you to binge on.

Horror is one such genre that has not been popular for a long time because video games back in the day did not get the justice they get now. Most of the production houses were not inclined towards making original copies as they feared that it would lead to a drop in sales.

But right now, as the horror genre has completely taken over, we can see some major changes which are being done and big production houses which are taking complete responsibility for these releases.

So, let us look into this list, and we shall understand the type of releases that have always been there since the start. When we talk about horror games, then we cannot remove the classic release from the list.

Sweet Home (1989)

Sweet Home has always been a fan favorite. Earlier, when it came to all those console-based games, it related to the fact that the game would have 2KB of RAM and would be completely under 300KB of storage space. Capcom released their horror story, Sweet Home, which was based on an aura of dread, something is lurching in the dark and that can pounce on you anytime.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1983)

This game is good artwork, but the horror element is reduced because everything is in pixels. Since graphic was one of the main things of concern back in the 80s, it was always looked upon as the major factor for the game’s release. This game asked all the players to take onto the scary Leather face and massacre a group of people and, of course, something that is going to rack up all the high scores for players. Last but not least, this release can never be forgotten.

Mystery House (1980)

Mystery House is a story based on the fact that this game is developed on the legendary point-and-click adventure, which advises all the players to hover their mouse onto the surfaces of the map. There, they can find something that is going to be useful for them. It is a nice game if players want to find and locate objects from all around.


Image courtesy of Ultimate Gamerz/YouTube

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