These horror games have the best storyplay but does not have the right combat

Horror games are supposed to have a good story and killer fighting scenes for players to defend themselves!

When you talk about horror games, the first instance that comes to your mind is guarding yourself against people who will try to kill you.

This is what survival horror games are all about. They teach every player to have a guard up to don’t possibly throw off the game. The idea of playing a scary game does not even sound too much when players are armed with heavy ammunition right from the start.

To make the atmosphere gripping and have a chilling effect, developers ensure that every player enjoys the game to the fullest. But falling into the category of having a strong combat scene, these are some of the horror games that make up the story but do not come across when the story is defined.

System Shock 2

One of the greatest horror game does not have a combat or defined fighting scene which is inbuilt. This game master is one of the most immersive sims which are ever made, which is both horrifying and isolating at the same time.

The atmosphere is to bring all the players inside a platform and set them off each other, but the only drawback is the lack of combat skills defined in each player. System Shock 2 might lack in actions, but it makes up for the jaw-dropping graphics altogether.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade is one of the most thoughtful games in the event of horror gaming series. However, the characters in the game are pretty slow, and combat can be a bit irritating when it comes to doing it, as it feels more like a chore than a game.

Players need to have a lot of patience, an understanding of what is going on, and a proper idea of background elements before getting started with the first scene.


Pathologic is an underrated title because of the cut scenes that it has and the lack of promotion that the developers have done. But when it comes to grasping storytelling, then no one can do it better than them. Every element is present in this game, starting from a relative battle that can help you determine which side you will be taking.

But since there is a catch, the combat sequence is quite terrifying to handle, especially as the controls don’t work due to the game lagging half of the time. It can be a relatively tell-tale game, but the scenes are pretty boring when it comes to actions.


Image courtesy of Ultimate Gamerz/YouTube

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