These retailers are selling ‘Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition’ at a discount

Cinematic snapshot for Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition

Both Amazon and Walmart are holding a massive sale for the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition for $36.98, a discounted price from the game’s usual $60 price tag.

The Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition contains the base game and all existing DLCs for the game, namely Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers.

Paid For Quality MMORPG

Those who are completely new to the game (new account), can enjoy the game for free for 30 days. Past the 30-day trial period, players will then be prompted for a monthly subscription to continue enjoying the game.

Subscription costs vary, depending on the benefit and duration of the service. Perk, being, the number of characters you can create per server or the total number of characters you make across multiple servers.

Standard membership for a 30-day subscription costs $15, which gives users the ability to create a max of eight characters per server.

Alternatively, users can opt for a longer 90-day subscription for $1 less at $14 per month. This also features the exact same advantages as a 30-day subscription in terms of the number of characters to make.

Or go towards the cheapest, but significantly longest-duration plan, for $13 per month and is good for 6 months. The same perks as the previous also apply.

PlayStation 4 users need not spend additionally for PlayStation Plus subscription, as it is not required.

While Stocks Last

As of writing, Amazon is currently already holding a sale for the product, but will not be on stock until June 9, 2020.

Coincidentally, those who already own the base game except the DLCs, Shadowbringer is also currently on sale for $24.85. A slashed down the price from the product’s typical $40 price tag.

Shadowbringer contains both Heavensward and Stormblood, but the not the base game, A Realm Reborn.

Meanwhile, Walmart is also holding the product on sale now, too. But unlike Amazon, Walmart’s stocks seem to be far more limited and is likely to run out soon.

Final Fantasy XIV may have had a rocky start when it first launched. Prompting its developers to go back to the drawing board and making significant changes to the game. However, the plan subsequently paid off which compelled the release of added contents in the form of DLC.

Shadowbringer, currently the last of three expansions, being highly acclaimed for its overall amazing experiences, gameplay- and story-wise.

Image used courtesy of FINAL FANTASY XIV/YouTube Screenshot

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