Things to do to score a unit before PS5 restocks

Things to do to score a unit before PS5 restocks

PS5 restocks have been a hot topic online, and preparation is key to score a unit or two before they sell out.

The PS5 was announced as early as November 2020. Naturally, the first batch of units sold out like hotcakes. Unfortunately, Sony just can’t keep up with the demand for these coveted gaming units.

New restocks sell out within minutes as soon as they go live on retailers’ websites. There is still no end in sight to this problem. It may even go on until the year ends. As for those who are still waiting patiently, read on to know some tips as to how to score a unit.

Just a caveat, the following tips are for those who are relatively new to this new waiting game.

PS5 restocks are safer with big retailers

One thing to note in this challenge to buy a PS5 is that it is safer to bet on big-box retailers than resellers. The former includes retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Gamestop, BestBuy, Target, and more. The latter just comprises people who want to take advantage of the situation.

Retailers sell the PS5 at relatively stable rates within the suggested retail price from Sony. Resellers, on the other hand, jack up the price sometimes up to three times the regular price. These resellers also provide no guarantee or safety that the products they sell are legitimate.

With that said, just extend a bit more patience instead of burning hard-earned money from ill-willed resellers online.

It is a misconception that big-box retailers have a fixed PS5 restock schedule. They drop at random times so preparations need to be done. Best Buy has so far been the most consistent in dropping restocks are relatively regular times. They are allegedly three for three in restocking every Friday.

Go to Twitter and join forces with others

The problem haunting Sony right now is a bane for many users worldwide. As such, some Twitter users have made it their mission to update the entire PS5 world on restocks.

These people are called ‘PS5 restock watchers’. They meticulously follow 24/7 drops of PS5 restocks across different retailers. All the potential customer has to do is to toggle the notification bell to be informed when these restock watchers post a new drop.

As soon as they say something, immediately go to the website’s store and try to score a purchase. The process and speed have to be methodical because the competition for these new units is tight. In order to do this, set up an account across all major retailers online and save precious time by filling already in whichever payment method is convenient.

Lastly, just don’t lose hope. Stocks will eventually normalize just hang on tight. Just how soon it will happen is still a toss coin.

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