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Things to look forward to in ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ 5.3 update


The rollout to Final Fantasy XIV’s next major update has been delayed for a few months due to COVID-19. Pushed for August 11, 2020 release, version 5.3 sees massive contents that make the wait worthwhile for avid players.

Here are several things to expect when the update launches next month.

A Real Reborn Streamlined Questline

The base game, A Realm Reborn, will see a massive tweak in the latest patch. With it getting a more streamlined questline in addition to giving players flight capability in the area.

For long-time players, this meant being able to backtrack their way into the base game and re-experience it anew. All while retaining their progress.

Greater Content Access for Free Users

Making the game a more welcoming environment to free users, version 5.3 will see player level cap increase to 60. This means that free users can now involve themselves deeper and longer into the game, all without paying a single penny.

Free users are not also limited to just the base game, however. Part of the level extension also is the access to the entirety of the game, including Heavensward contents.

Shadowbringer Finale

Square Enix is already preparing for another DLC to come to Final Fantasy XIV. But even before that happens, the developers are going to tie loose ends in the latest expansion. In doing so, players will now see an ending to the events that take place in Shadowbringer.

New Dungeon

A new dungeon which takes place in Norvrandt will be appearing for the Warriors of Darkness to go through. While players can choose to party themselves up, even non-player characters can join in the fun. The latter is possible via the game’s Trust system.

Follow-up Chapter to YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse

Final Fantasy XIV has significantly become more interesting when the game had a collaboration with the NieR franchise. One that sees the YoRHa making a presence in the game and with a special reason to boot.

Making their appearance a more compelling reason to play the game, the next update sees an expansion to the Nier-inspired content.

Additional Tribe

A new Beast Tribe will be introduced into the game when the latest patch rolls out. Coinciding this new group of creature’s debut is a questline that asks players to craft stuff, involving the dwarves.

Yokai Watch Collab

Another instance of partnership with the Yokai Watch franchise is taking place in Final Fantasy XIV, beginning August 19, 2020. Dubbed “Gather One, Gather All,” this freshly re-implemented event grants participants new rewards.

To get more information on what to see in the game’s upcoming major update, check out this press release.

Image used courtesy of Final Fantasy XIV/YouTube Screenshot

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