Things you should try with your iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 2020 comes out with a 4.7-in screen and a home button like the previous models. It is one of the cheapest iPhones Apple released. Citizens look forward to the iPhone SE features with its iPhone 8 body and iPhone 11 processor.

The combination of old and new iPhone features excite people for the new iPhone SE. The new iPhone SE at $399 comes with an A13 chipset that features new updates for the phone.

What about the new iPhone SE?

People cannot keep their excitement because of what features are in the new iPhone SE. The combination of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 bring significant features to users.

What does the new iPhone SE have for users?

The new iPhone SE also features specifications that are useful for Apple fans. Here are some of the things you can do with the new iPhone SE:

1. Portrait Photo Mode

The new iPhone SE arrives with a portrait mode, unlike iPhone 6 and 7. The new iPhone SE allows users to blur the subject background. But, the portrait mode only applies to humans. Users can adjust their portrait blur through the portrait mode dial. This way, you can adjust the amount of blurring in the photo. Users can also change the lighting in the portrait photo mode. 

The good thing about the new iPhone SE is that it offers a portrait photo mode to both rear and front camera. Users can now capture portraits using their front camera. The portrait photo mode in the front camera functions the same as in the rear camera. Users can also adjust their blurring and lighting.

2. Quick Video Recording

The new iPhone SE now allows users to capture videos even when they are not in video mode. Users can use this function by holding on to the shutter button. 

3. Apple Logo located in the center of the back body

The centered Apple logo of the iPhone SE makes it unique. If you look at the previous models, the Apple logo places higher than usual. It creates a different charisma for the new iPhone SE.

4. iPhone SE casing

Users can use the iPhone 8 cases for their new iPhone SE. But, Apple is yet to release more cases made perfect for the new iPhone SE.

5. Compatibility with visually-amusing games 

The A13 processor of the iPhone SE makes it perfect for games with a high amount of visual effects. The iPhone SE processor suffices the satisfaction of the users’ visuals. It supports games like how iPhone 11 allows games with high graphics.


Images courtesy of GSMArena Official/YouTube Screenshot

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