Stimulus Check update: 1.8 million checks are on the way

Stimulus Check update: 1.8 million checks are on the way

The Internal Revenue Service continues to distribute the third stimulus check, with another 1.8 million payments now “en route.”

Millions of Americans have already received their third stimulus check since March. But, the distribution of the payments is yet to conclude as another round is already on the way.

Fortune said that the Internal Revenue Service, along with the Treasure Department and the Bureau of Fiscal Service, are continuing to work on disbursing the payments. As noted, the agencies are focusing on getting the money to reach those who have yet to receive theirs.

IRS has already distributed over 167 million payments

The publication said that 1.8 million payments are now on their way. This brings the total number of the distributed checks to 167 million. As for the total value, the figure is around $391 billion, given that the amount of each stimulus check is over AU$1,800.

The IRS reportedly sent half of the check electronically. As for the other half, they will arrive in paper form on the doorsteps of the receivers.

This new batch also includes the “plus-up” payments. About 900,000 individuals will see them in their respective checks.

IRS has already distributed over 167 million payments

Tracking the third stimulus check

While millions of payments have already been distributed, there are still some individuals who have not received their third stimulus check. CNET stated that the Internal Revenue Service has a tracking tool, which the public may use for free.

The “Get My Payment” tracker will display the necessary information about the payment. Users may only need to input their Social Security number, ZIP or postal code, street address, and date of birth.

The publication noted, however, that there is no need to worry if the payments have not arrived yet. As explained, there are several possible reasons why some people experience this.

Primarily, the IRS has two processes when it comes to distributing the payments. They do it either electronically, which will directly go into the receiver’s bank account, or via mail. Accordingly, it is best to check the accounts or wait for a few more days.

Will there be a fourth COVID-19 relief payment?

As the distribution continues, there are now talks of fourth and fifth COVID-19 relief payments. Because of this, many are wondering whether the government will, indeed, send new rounds of checks.

Despite the clamor for the additional payments, the fourth stimulus check remains unconfirmed. Forbes even previously noted that it may be “unlikely” to happen. This is because of the vaccination count that continues to increase, and the restrictions are now easing in the country.

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