This amazing fan-made film is inspired by ‘The Last of Us’

The Last of Us series has inspired lots of fan-made works. And now a short film, titled Stay, has been revealed, set in the game’s world!

Stay is a very short movie based in the universe of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. And yes, the fan film is, as expected, very gory!

A new story within ‘The Last of Us’!

When it was initially released eight years ago, The Last of Us made a big impact on gaming lovers. It also inspired many artists to develop unique concepts and their versions of amazing works based on the blockbuster.

In addition to this, the franchise attracted Hollywood as well, eventually. Its live-action TV show will soon arrive to entertain the fans.

Speaking of the recently revealed fan-made short film, it will surely give goosebumps to all the die-hard lovers of TLOUS.

Stay is directed, written, and produced by Joshua Toonen.

The movie starts with the second installment’s version of Ellie playing her guitar.

You can feel the same vibes from the sequel’s initial teaser itself. But the tone quickly shifts to the fan film’s main characters, who are Sean and Emily.

The cinematic sequences show the lives of the two before the outbreak. They shared a deep bond. And now, in a post-apocalyptic world, both of them are trying to survive.

What works for Stay is its almost perfect rendition of the game’s atmosphere and the tense situation.

Unfortunately, the newly introduced Emily and Sean end up turning into the undead themselves. It happens after they encounter the Clickers. The climax presents a tragic conclusion for both of them.

All in all, the short cinematic work will impress several fans before the release of HBO’s live-action adaptation.

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Will there be a third installment in the series?

After the end of the highly-anticipated second entry last year, the series lovers are curious about its roadmap.

Will there be another part for The Last of Us? Will it continue as the main story of Abby instead of Ellie?

There are tons of questions looming in the heads of all those interested in the franchise’s future.

Unfortunately, there’s been no official word from Sony so far regarding any hint regarding a threequel.

Well, what are your thoughts on this possibility?

Are you also hoping for The Last of Us 3?

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Image courtesy of Joshua Toonen/YouTube

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