This ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Season 6 bug renders self-reviving useless

This Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 bug renders self-reviving useless

Warzone is getting a little bit buggy with season 6’s arrival. Now, a new bug was discovered leaving self-reviving useless.

Warzone Season 6 is now finally live. The latest patch for the game added a new subway system and it is quickly turning up the heat in Verdanks.

The new subway system is basically the game’s fast-traveling gift to players. Through this subway system, players can go underground and fast-travel to seven different locations around the map.

Using these stations to fast-travel is no doubt a big help to players. However, it looks like Infinity Ward still has some polishing to do as players keep getting teleported to random locations.

Useless self-reviving bug on Warzone

Self-reviving is an essential feature in Warzone especially when one is in the thick of battle. Going back to the bug-filled subway system, a player by the name Joabyjojo chanced upon an absurd new bug that leaves self-reviving practically useless.

This occurred when the player was inside one of the trains. After the enemies knock him down, the game then pushes the player out of the train. The screen then turns black.

When the player used self-revive, they quickly reappear inside the train. However, all of Joabyjojo’s loadout was gone. He didn’t even have his second pistol equipped which left him a sitting duck and the purpose of the self-revive was useless.

Don’t self-revive on the subway I guess from CODWarzone

Furthermore, the trains weren’t supposed to set out until their team kills all the enemies. But the game transported Joabyjojo back inside the moving train.

Not only that, he didn’t have any way to fight the enemies inside. Even melee didn’t seem to function. This made it easy for the enemy team to make quick work of him.

But so far, it’s not the only bug related to the subway system.

Exploiting the subway

Another bug discovered by Doyley44 allows players to cheat death by exploiting the subway system. Players can do by getting inside the circle while the train is either entering or leaving a station.

Doing so would render the players immune to the gas. Not only that, as the train fast-travels, players are able to auto-heal whatever damage they take.

This definitely exploits the subway’s rule of not moving until all the enemies are killed. With this bug, players can just opt to stay inside the circle and the gas while waiting for the enemies to die in the lobby.

So far, Infinity Ward is yet to address these issues on Warzone.

Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty

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