This ‘Fortnite’ glitch could literally let you use every skin in-game infinitely

Fortnite's Mystique Skin (Costume)

Players who wish they could try every skin in Fortnite has just had their dream come true as a glitch is discovered which enables just that. But there are some caveats—the player must have the latest battle pass and has to go through repetitive steps.

The bug comes with Mystique’s ability to mimic opponents, only this time rather indefinitely.

Mystique costume required

To those who have not accessed to Mystique’s skin just yet, this anti-hero’s outfit can be unlocked at level 80. But more than just the ability to look like the copycat mutant herself, it also unlocks her Shapeshifter skill.

The Shapeshifter is a skill that, if used, allows the player to imitate the opponent’s looks after a kill. The ability to transform is also not constrained by the condition that the player must, at least, own the skin being copied. Essentially, putting no limit to the selection to which the Shapeshifter skill can be employed and take effect.

By default, the Shapeshifter only can last for up to 60 seconds and can be disrupted when the player takes a hit. Once the imitation is ruined, players would normally have to kill another player again in order to make a copy of a different image.

Indefinite Shapeshifter glitch

However, YouTuber Glitch King has come across an exploit that lets Mystique imitate another player without the chance of getting cut off in the process. Literally, no attack can make the player go back to a Mystique look once applied. The only condition that could make the player revert to the Mystique skin is by getting killed or by choosing to respawn. Of which, by then, the player would need to take certain steps to re-apply the same glitch.

In a video, Glitch King records the step-by-step process that will let players literally don any costume, even if they don’t own it.

The procedure is actually pretty simple. First, the player must join a Creative Mode match. Then, the player must assassinate another player and then choose to activate the Shapeshifter skill. Once transformed into a different image, the player must then leave for the main hub.

From the main hub, enter any map you want. You should be skydiving with a Mystique costume at this rate. But choosing to respawn mid-fall should make you appear on the map with the last look you copied.

Exclusive in Creative Mode

Do note that this method only works exclusively in Creative Mode. This will not take effect in public matches, which makes the bug negligible in the grand scheme of things. Also, it is likely that this glitch would have Epic Games‘ attention by now and could have it addressed soon.

Image used courtesy of Glitch King/YouTube Screenshot

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