This ‘Fortnite’ trick lets you access vaults even without key card

This Fortnite trick lets you access vaults even without a key card

Apparently, there is an exploitable glitch in Fortnite that allows players to enter loot vaults even without the use of a key card.

Epic Games first introduced Fortnite loot vaults on Chapter 2 Season 2 of the game. Basically, these are locked rooms filled with top-grade chests, which is no doubt enticing to many players.

Entering Fortnite vaults

Because of the bounty, these vaults contain, accessing them isn’t easy. Players would have to find a specific mini-boss and defeat them. Upon defeat, these mini-bosses will drop a key card that lets the wielder enter the locked vault.

There are basically five vaults found in the game’s new map, namely The Shark vault, The Rig vault, The Grotto vault, The Yacht vault, and The Agency vault.

Killing the mini-boss was believed to be the only way to enter the vaults. However, a weird glitch has allowed players to access these vaults without a key card.

Effortless access

YouTuber Ali-A discovered this easy new trick and shared the experience on YouTube. Before sharing the trick on YouTube, Ali-A first tried it on a private match. He then discovered that, so far, his neat trick works at The Agency and Rig vaults. The YouTuber then went on to test the trick on a live server.

This trick involves using a steamboat and driving it to the vault door. The trick may take a couple of tries before it works. When it does, the screen will blur a bit, and once it clears, players will find themselves inside the vault.

To see how Ali-A did it, watch the video below.

The trick also comes with a hilarious perk. The vault remains closed even after a player enters it through the glitch. This means that other players can still access the vault from the outside using a key card without knowing there’s already somebody inside.

Ali-A demonstrated this in his video when after exploiting the legendary items within the vault, he then devastated an unknowing player that entered the vault through normal means. The trick inadvertently catapulted him to second place with the help of the items, of course.

The catch

Despite being a hilariously easy trick, it also comes with a high risk. This is because after entering using the glitch, players won’t be able to get out until another player opens it from the outside.

It has a very high-risk high reward element to it. Players should at least try this trick while it still exists in the game. It is highly likely that Epic would patch this glitch when the next season of Fortnite Chapter 2 starts.


Image courtesy of Epic Games (1)

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