‘This Is Us’ season 5: New trailer promises emotional family drama

This Is Us season 5 recently shared footage of the Pearsons heading back to the small screens. Moreover, the new trailer promises an even bigger family drama.

The romantic drama premiered on NBC in 2016 and easily captured the viewers’ interest because of its true to life portrayals. Furthermore, it portrays the deep struggles of a family regarding love, marriage, and sickness. Now, This is Us season 5 has widened its focus.

The series follows the lives of Jack and Rebecca Pearson with their children Kevin, Randall, and Kate. Throughout the past four seasons, the viewers are taken to different timelines, with flashbacks from the 80s focusing on Jack and Rebecca and flashforwards scenes too.

While This Is Us has become quite popular to many viewers, showrunner Dan Fogelman confirms the end of the series on its sixth season. However, Fogelman promises to end the series with a happy ending.

“This is Us” season 5 trailer

The trailer shows a new chapter of the Pearsons family and hyping up things around Kevin and Randall. Looking back on the previous season, the brothers have confronted each other, specifically on their mother’s sickness. Randall has urged Rebecca to take a clinical trial test that might help her in dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

Meanwhile, Kevin would not agree with the idea because it would take Rebecca to travel thousands of miles away from home. The fifth season might be dealing with the last days of Rebecca as she fights her sickness.

The trailer also teases the budding romance of Kevin and the pregnant Madison.  Kevin had long wanted to be a father, but his former girlfriend Zoe did not accept the idea. This has caused a conflict between them. Now that Madison is carrying Kevin’s twins, he might have a change of heart and would settle down with her. He even calls Madison his fiance.

The Pearsons deal with COVID-19

The fifth installment will also tackle the realities of living with COVID-19 as well as the Black Lives Matter protest. In one scene, Kevin is seen wearing a mask walking beside a vehicle. Hence, the series is keeping its plots as relatable and as real as possible.

The final scene in the footage reveals Randall is knocking on Kevin’s door, and the two brothers just looked at each other. This could mean that Randall wants to finally mend his relationship with Kevin.

Season 5 release date

This Is Us‘ two-hour season 5 premiere airs Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

Image Courtesy of TV Promos/YouTube Screenshot

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