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‘This Is Us’ season 5 opens with Big 3’s 40th birthday


This Is Us season 5 will open with a two-hour premiere this fall season on NBC. The show returns to the small screen two weeks earlier than planned despite the production delays due to the pandemic.

As with the previous seasons, This Is Us season 5 will kick off with the Big 3 siblings’ birthday. However, this will be a milestone year since Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) are turning 40 years old.

But their special birthday will not start out happy as Kevin and Randall’s epic argument, which exploded at the end of last season, will hover over the siblings. The premiere episodes promise to bring yet another roller coaster of emotions for the viewers.

Apart from the time-changing storylines, the fifth season is also going to explore two most recent major current events: life in the lockdown and the Black Lives Matter protests. Brown said in an interview with Boston Herald that these stories are “necessary to explore,” and the writers took care of addressing the plots with “care and concern” to enlighten the viewers.

Of births and rebirths

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman, however, said that the fifth season can be sum up in two words: births and rebirths. Kevin and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) are apparently engaged and having twins, while Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan) will pursue their plan to adopt their second baby.

Randall, on the other hand, will experience “another birth” that will not involve a trip to the hospital. Fogelman teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that this story is huge in scope.

The cast of This Is Us season 5 expands as the storylines delve more into the characters’ individual stories. But the first episode back includes a “trademark surprise” that might not be limited to just one incident.

Mandy Moore’s pregnancy

Meanwhile, This Is Us star Mandy Moore will experience an actual birth as she announced in September that she’s having her first baby with husband Taylor Goldsmith. Fogelman said that they have yet to make adjustments to the scripts, but the real-life pregnancy will generally not be a problem for the show since they have planned for everything far in advance.

Moore admitted that she was nervous about informing the showrunner that she’s in the family way. Fortunately, Fogelman was nothing but thrilled for his star and welcomed her big news with open arms.

This Is Us season 5 will return on NBC with a two-hour broadcast on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 9:00 p.m.

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