This rumored game-changing PS5 feature will let you try any game

This rumored game-changing PS5 feature will let you try any game

When the PS5 arrives, it could come with an interesting new feature that allows players to try every available game on the console.

Playstation fans patiently waiting for the PS5 to arrive would be thrilled to know of the console’s possible new feature. Rumors are circulating online that the next-generation console would come with free instant demos for all available PS5 games.

PS5 Free demo standard

The best way for players to know if a game is right for them is to play it firsthand. When Sony releases the PS5 sometime this year (hopefully), it may come with a free game demo standard.

This means players would be able to try any game available in the console before purchasing them. This is just a rumor, though, and one that should be taken with more than a pinch of salt.

The source of this rumor is Twitter user PS5 Only, which claimed that PS5 users would be able to “try every game instantly within seconds.” This rumored new PS Store interface will allow players to try games without having to download demos before they can decide to make the purchase or not.

Unfortunately, the Twitter user did not credit any source, which makes the authenticity of the rumor highly questionable.

What happens if the rumors prove true

The Xbox had always had the advantage when it comes to game subscription services. However, if the rumors prove true, the feature would surely be a money-maker for Sony.

This will also benefit the players greatly since they no longer have to fill up their drives downloading demos. Currently, the active gaming subscription service for the Playstation is PS Now. There are reports saying that Sony would also integrate the service into the upcoming PS5.

If the free demo standard rumor is true, then it would surely introduce many new players to the PS Now service.

This rumored game-changing PS5 feature will let you try any game

Too good to be true?

Only time will tell if something comes out from this rumor. Sony will have to put in a lot of work to make this feature possible.

Just imagine the licensing Sony would need to do. That is if the company can convince every game developer to produce demos of their games just for the console. That will add more work to the developers who could just be focusing on their games. Chances of that happening are pretty slim.

Furthermore, while the PS Now could be the foundation for the rumored feature, the enormity of such a project would require Sony to dish out considerable investment.

There is no denying that a free demo standard would elevate the PS5 even further. But at the moment, it sounds too good to be true.


Images courtesy Sabri Tuzcu, and Hello I’m Nik/Unsplash

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