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This simple social game lets you betray all your friends


Secret Neighbor is a fun and social game which lets you betray all your friends.

When was the last time you played something with your friends in a multiplayer match or a social game? When Among Us was first launched, it did not manage to garner all the attention from the media and especially from players because the world did not face a deadly pandemic that allowed us to sit back at our home.

But when 2020 struck with a not-so-welcoming note, this game became the hot topic for everyone but eventually lost the fame when everything started opening.

So, if players want to get a dash of the same old multiplayer platform, then Secret Neighbour is right here for them.

When is it going to launch?

It is a thrilling multiplayer social horror game made from both the world of Hello Neighbour. It is made to launch and get an official release on June 17th. Developers and the game company have said that players can now pre-order for the game with the help of the App Store.

So, if fans might be wondering what the Secret Neighbour holds for them, here is a sneak peek. The gameplay is quite simple, and there is one thing that they have to keep in mind: to worry about their friends who might turn their back anytime and anywhere.

How is the gameplay?

In the game, a maximum of six players would be allowed to scavenge the house with the ultimate goal that they have to get inside the mysterious basement.

It has been the talk of the town for a very long time, and since all our characters are kids, they have the general curiosity to understand and know what might lie in the dark.

But there is a catch to the game when the players are discovering that what might lie. There is this creepy Neighbour who can disguise himself as any player at any single point in time.

So here is how the gameplay works. When players first enter the match, one neighbor is appointed right from the start, and they have to gain the trust of the players or pin someone else as the Judas of the group(more like shift the blame).

Once done and if they cannot find out their real identity, then the Neighbor will win, and they can betray the list of friends who are present. The Neighbour is allowed to set traps for all the innocent players.

Players will have only 15 minutes to unlock the basement door so that they have to keep in mind what is going on and who the betrayer might be.

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