This third-part application lets you configure a DualSense controller

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

There is a third-party application that allows users to tweak their DualSense controllers. Giving them the power and freedom to configure their expensive gamepad as they see fit.

Owning a PlayStation can be a fairly simple affair with its controller. All it takes is a plug-and-play and you are all set to go and encounter a next-gen console experience. But for something as simple and straightforward, it creates a longing on whether what if there’s more to this controller?

Sure, you can update the controller’s firmware from time to time when Sony rolls it. Which, ideally, gives the controller some essential improvements or additional capabilities. However, there is literally nothing else to do with it aside from actually using it during play with a PS5. This might seem the case with the DualSense controller, until one third-party application came to the scene—the PS5 Controller Trigger Test.

A fantastic application

Made by a developer named Rihab Mehboob, the PS5 Controller Trigger Test is one project he came up with during his spare time. But as necessity is the mother of all inventions, the creation of the third-party app is not merely coincidental, but rather intentional.

“I’ve always wanted to test and mess around with the different DualSense trigger effects,” says Mehboob. “But not many games use it and when they do, it’s not customizable.”

In his own words, the developer describes his creation as “an easy-to-use app which allows you to test and mess around with the different DualSense trigger effects”.

A device to tinker

To use the software, users must take what the PS5’s signature controller is—a device. This meant that, in order for it to be reprogrammed, it must first be linked to another device with the right processing functionality. Which, in the case of the PS5 Controller Test Trigger, involves the use of either a computer or a smartphone. Once linked, configuring the DualSense is as easy as exploring the app and make changes according to preference or intuition.

“The app allows you to test all effects and mess around with many values,” claims the third-party app developer.

As a special type of controller, there’s plenty of parameters to adjust, which ranges from modifying vibration and weapon feedback to adjusting amplitude, dead zones, and frequency. Additionally, users can tinker with the trigger individually, alter the lighting, and assess the battery.

Unfortunately for Windows and Android users, it seems that Rihab Mehboob is a big Apple fan. The app that he developed only runs on either the iOS and macOS, with no plans of seeing a release on other platforms.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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