‘Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix movie, ‘Extraction’ angered Bangladesh officials


Netflix recently aired its thriller action movie, Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth.

Set in Bangladesh, the movie caused anger not only in citizens but also in the officials. Extraction is not the first movie shot in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hence, a lot of fans in Bangladesh anticipated the release of the action-thriller movie.

However, when Netflix released the movie in April, much of the pride and self-image turned into resentment. The movie follows the mission of the international mercenary, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth).

He retrieved the son of an Indian crime and drug lord. The kidnapped son was taken to Bangladesh by another drug cartel.

The filming never took place in Dhaka Bangladesh

One of the reasons for the resentment towards the Extraction movie is that the filming never took place in Dhaka. Although the story and action revolved in Dhaka, no filming took place in the South Asian megacity. Instead, showrunner Sam Hargrave chose to film in Ahmedabad and Mumbai in India and Bangkok in Thailand.

Since the filming never took place in the real city of Dhaka, the fictional location did not quite look like the original Dhaka.  The fighting scenes also did not portray the Bangladeshi culture.

Instead, the people who took part in the action scenes in the seemingly populated apartment buildings were Indians. Additionally, few of the actors were Bangladeshi in costumes but never spoke fluently in Bangla.

A citizen from Dhaka voiced out his frustration,

“It’s like watching a film set in London, about Londoners, but all the characters sound French.”

Furthermore, Extraction also emphasized the high level of poverty, which is a piece of misleading information. The film never hinted at the growth in the Bangladeshi economy. Hence, citizens voiced their disappointments.

Extraction exposed Bangladeshi officials

Netflix’s Extraction also portrayed the corruption inside Bangladesh which usually involved the officials. Hence, government officials are indignant because of how the plot exposed what is really happening.

A scene where the drug dealer ordered the colonel from a top security group is not entirely true.

A Bangladeshi journalist asserted,

“The chain of the command is wrong, but the corruption is too right.”

Furthermore, a military official stated,

“In Bangladesh, where methamphetamine, trafficked from neighbouring Myanmar, has spawned a multimillion-dollar business, some members of law enforcement agencies have developed “unholy alliances” with drug-dealers.”

Extraction also portrayed the rampant killings inside the country. Furthermore, corruption is highly emphasized in the movie.

Netflix will release Extraction 2 sequel

Although Extraction received negative comments from Bangladesh, Netflix is moving past negativity. Now, Netflix is developing Extraction 2 but uncertain if Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role.

There is no verified information yet, however, there’s a big possibility of Hemsworth to return. Showrunner Hargrave and Russo have yet to decide if the second movie will be a prequel or sequel.

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