Thousands of Australians stranded abroad due to pandemic

Thousands of Australian citizens are stranded abroad, given the strict border control policies of the Australian government.

Tens of thousands of Australians are stuck abroad and are barred from returning to Australia, given the Australian governments’ strict and stringent rules on international arrivals. The citizens feel forgotten and abandoned by the government.

Reason for the limited number of international arrivals

As reported by CNN, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has allowed only 4,000 international arrivals each week due to the country’s coronavirus pandemic’s second wave.
This rule by the Prime Minister has led to a lot of canceled flights and ticket prices going through the roof.

Correspondingly, almost 25,000 Australians have requested to come back to the country. And most of them are also financially and medically vulnerable. This number was stated by the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Since March, the government took strict measures when the pandemic started to spread. This includes making hotel quarantine mandatory, banning the citizens from leaving, and not allowing foreign tourists to visit.

Meanwhile, the number of people who have returned home is steadily declining, with around 357,000 people returning in the first three months of the international border closures. The number now is 30,000 people who have returned in the last two months.

Those who had a proper job, housing, and savings were advised by their consulates to stay where they were. No one during the beginning could predict the pandemic’s course, nor its impact on their lives. Many still have a secure income and home around six months later, while others have had their lives fall apart.

Australians’ demand to be able to return home

The Department of Labor wants the Air Force jets and prime minister’s VIP jets to be put to use and get the stranded Australians back home, who have been waiting for more than five months to return.

In a statement by the government, a spokesperson said that the number of people allowed to enter Australia each week was put forward by the number of people states and territories was willing to host or allow in hotel quarantine at any time.

The opposition leader, Anthony Albanese, mentioned that the RAAF jets, which are used to transport officials, should be put to use to get the stranded people back home. Mr. Albanese said the Federal Government could boost Australia’s quarantine capacity, and there are enough hotels in the country.

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