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Thousands of Venezuelans leave to Colombia amid military operations


Venezuela has announced its army is fighting Colombian well-armed groups in pastoral areas and has its community’s support.

Colombia (Reuters) – The Colombian government and some displaced said that thousands of Venezuelans have escaped to Colombia. They flee from their homes in the rim region of Apure among military operations there.

Niomar Diaz, 26, who arrived in Colombia by canoe, said that he felt so nervous when the bombs were falling. He added, “In one house, a grandfather died, an 8-year-old boy died, a 9-year-old girl and her mom. The situation was terrible.” This shows how depth he might have seen the picture.

Border closed due to COVID-19

Diaz said the Venezuelan military was sharp-tongued, and his family and several neighbors are determined to leave. Reuters could not autonomously confirm his account of the deaths of the asserted violation. Due to the widespread COVID-19, everything is in a close state, even applicable to the province border.

More than 3,200 people in 780 families proceed up the group, which commenced arriving in the Colombian municipality of Arauquita on Monday. In a statement on Wednesday, Colombia’s migration agency said that this happened just because of the military operations. The border is presently closed due to COVID-19.

The agency said that the foreigners are in eight houses in Arauquita municipality, and the governor of Arauca, the national government, and the international community is making efforts to provide them with assistance.

Military Operations: Foreign Ministry’s denial support

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza condemned attacks by Colombia on civilian targets on the border and the use of antipersonnel mines and said his country would have a “strong reaction.”

Colombia’s foreign ministry on Twitter this week expressed worry over the circumstances. He urged the international association to offer help for the uprooted.

However, Venezuela’s foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, denied those comments in their tweet late on Wednesday.

A statement shared by Arreaza shows the controls that did conduct against illegal camps of Colombian screened groups. However, the idea is to defend civilians, despite anonymous killed two Venezuelan soldiers.

He also added that any attempt to violate the territorial integrity of Venezuela would have a forceful reaction. Colombia will develop a military and police presence in the area, Defense Minister Diego Molano said on Twitter.

Colombia’s government has vehemently scrutinized everything it distinguishes as the Venezuelan government’s protection of Colombian mavericks and evil crowds. Meanwhile, Venezuela has denied protecting such groups.

Looking back, Colombia said last month it would offer 10-year protected status to some 1.7 million Venezuelans.

Image courtesy of Anna Shvets/Pexels

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