THQ ‘Avengers’ game surfaces today after almost a decade of cancellation


Footage from the canceled Avengers FPS surfaced today. Developed by the former game studio THQ, the early build received archiving from the preservation group Obscure Gamers.

To work around the first Avengers film, THQ Studio Australia and Blue Tongue Entertainment started working on the game. Due to financial constraints, THQ closed both studios in 2011, one year after acquiring the license.

Shortly after the cancelation, THQ tried to sell all their IP dirt cheap. Ubisoft picked up the license and developed Marvel’s Avengers: Battle for Earth. This game removed the first-person element of the game.

Canceled FPS Avengers has complete character models

According to Andrew Borman, the game features a classic team-up of Captain America, Iron-Man, Hulk, and Thor. Borman is the digital game’s curator at the Museum of Play and will upload the footage this week.

The team-up for the game would’ve coincided with Secret Invasion. Secret Invasion is the Marvel storyline where shapeshifting aliens named Skrulls were the enemy. This entire process would undermine the trust between the heroes and their other allies.

Basing on the footage itself, all the character models are complete, even polished to perfection. Enemy models, power-ups, and even maps look very early into testing.

The map comprises of filler textures, with zero smoothings. The power-ups are boxes without polygonal texturing. The enemies are basic Skrulls without faces or even ragdoll animation, with only the Super Skrull having finished battle animation. The gameplay, however, is fantastic for its time.

THQ’s Avengers has gameplay ahead of its time

THQ’s Avengers has gameplay that seems ahead of its time. The first person view is reminiscent of the upcoming Iron-Man VR. Each hero can use their signature moves and can pick one of two perks.

Thor can use his hammer to send lightning bolts and make medium-range attacks with the hammer. The Incredible Hulk is a melee specialist with a strong knockback punch and a super high jump. Captain America can use a bouncing shield throw and can guide teammates on who to prioritize.

The setting itself seems to start at the Skrull mothership after the abduction of the real team. Despite the game being an early build, one of the most obscure implementations include a news tracker.

This tracker will advertise PVP DLC and even player skins. The PVP makes sense in-universe, as the Skrulls are there to replace every hero in the Marvel Universe. This year, a Square Enix-published Avengers is up for release. The game will feature the core heroes of the team for a single-player or coop multiplayer.

Featured image courtesy of PtoPOnline/Youtube Screenshots

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