Three Video games you should be afraid to play while you are alone

Horror video games are supposed to give you the chills, and this list will surely do the same.

Horror video game fanatics find it hard to get a good video game to help them get the chills. Most of the video games that are being marketed these days are focusing too much on their commercial side, which might not be the cup of tea for everyone.

Here is a list of the three most chilling horror games for players which they should never play alone because of the gameplay experience, the storytelling, and of course, the survival of the fittest run and chase.

These games will surely shake all the players, but they don’t have to worry about the price because all of them are free.

Though recommended horror games like Apex Legends, Resident Evil are ranking way up to the top, here are some of the most underrated spine-chilling experiences that players need to dive in.

The Suffering

The Suffering is a shooter, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security as there’s plenty of things going bump in the night here.

When it comes to video games, and especially if the genre is horror, players should think of the main protagonist fighting off the monsters who lurk in the dark.

The Suffering is a shooter, but don’t let that lull you into the false sense of security as there is plenty of things that players are going to bump into the night here. The story centers on Torque, a prisoner who is about to be executed for murdering his wife and his kids as he does not remember committing the crime.

The game then follows him through his attempt to escape the island prison while supernatural entities are waiting for him, and there are his own personal demons that need to fight off. Not only are these creatures genuinely creepy, but there is something deeply unsettling about them. In particular, almost every single monster present in this game has a different style of execution.

Alien: Isolation

Isolation is one of the most underrated horror games in the series of horror games. It is literally and figuratively but the fright-level type of horror game that will surely bring a lot of chills to players. What makes this game so scary and particularly clever is that the titular Alien’s AI was cleverly programmed to understand the behavioral patterns that evolve as the game progresses.

These mechanics can keep the Alien threatening and keep the players praying that they don’t run into their dear life into any locker.

The Calling

The Wii is not the only platform that can help all the players to play this game. The Calling is far from a critically acclaimed game, but plenty of pointed-out scary parts make sure that it is not meant to play it.

Players have to use the Wii Remote to shake off the ghostly enemies, and if they have got a particular fear of dolls, then players will have a bad time.


Image courtesy of Gamer Max Channel/YouTube

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