Tiffany Trump criticized for lavish birthday celebration amid pandemic: ‘#ByeTiffany’

Tiffany Trump criticized for lavish birthday celebration amid pandemic: '#ByeTiffany'

Tiffany Trump turned 27 years old on Tuesday and her lavish celebration leaked which did not sit well with the netizens who criticized and mocked her.

Tiffany Trump is as luxurious and pompous as her siblings, according to netizens after watching a clip of her birthday celebration. Many were not happy that she still had a lavish party amid the global pandemic.

Tiffany Trump had a pompous birthday celebration

Tiffany Trump started off her birthday celebration on Sunday, days before her actual birth date. She was joined by a group of eight friends and her boyfriend Michael Boulos. They were spotted at Komodo, a local restaurant.

“They don’t have to wear masks at the table which is socially distanced in the dining room, but her group of friends were all cozy and close together,” a source told People.

Tiffany and her friends later went to another restaurant, Kiki, on the River, where they enjoyed a champagne parade with patriotic sparklers and American flags.

An insider said Tiffany was smiling and laughing. She was visibly having a good time. Later that night, her friends offered a toast and sang “Hava Nagila.”

On Monday night, she stepped out again with her boyfriend and visited Papi Steak. They were joined by their friends and Tiffany received a three-tiered cake with photos of herself with her dad. The source said she “absolutely loved” it.

On Tuesday, her official birthday, she was spotted wearing a blue bathing suit on Miami Beach. She also went shopping while wearing a black sequin mask.

Tiffany’s birthday bash video leaked

A clip of Tiffany Trump’s birthday video leaked on Twitter and many didn’t like it. Tiffany previously sympathized with those who lost their jobs because she could relate to them. However, her birthday celebration was so excessive considering the pandemic.

Due to the video, the hashtag #ByeTiffany started with many using it to criticize Donald Trump’s daughter.

“#ByeTiffany A little reminder to those who MIGHT have thought Buffy was different than the rest of the Trump spawn. She’s just as vile as the rest. #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare,” one tweeted.

“#ByeTiffany, you pompous, careless, vacuous product of infidelity! And it’ll soon be time to bid with great excitement #ByeDon to your #CorruptDaddy,” another added.

Tiffany is sweet like her mom Marla

Claudia Jordan recently shared her encounter with Donald Trump in Celebrity Apprentice. According to her, the POTUS loves Ivanka more than his wife.

She also recounted the time she met Markle Maples and Tiffany. Marla is Trump’s second wife and they share Tiffany.

According to her, the mother and daughter were “totally find and sweet.” She added that Tiffany is “the most neglected of all the daughters.”

Jordan felt that Trump doesn’t give Tiffany as much attention as her other siblings. Jordan was sad for the two because they were very sweet.


Image used courtesy of CNBC Television/YouTube Screenshot

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