‘Tiger King’ series goes head to head with ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Stranger Things’

Aside from Nicolas Cage’s Tiger King series and Kate Mckinnon’s drama adaptation, a new Tiger King sequel is underway.

Netflix documentary series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness has been a worldwide hit since its release in May 2020. Due to its eccentric characters and bizarre scenes, the fame of the show increased.

As a result, its ratings were usually compared to popular series like Money Heist and Stranger Things. Viewers are understandably riveted by Netflix’s Tiger King, but the millions of true crime fans around the world were left wanting more.

Fortunately, Tiger King fans will have another show to look forward to aside from CBS’ eight episode scripted series.

Tiger King’s production team working on a sequel

According to Dr. James Liu, one of Tiger King’s production team, a show’s sequel is on the way. The documentary filmmakers behind Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness are already working on a new episode that focuses on a different attack.

The new installment will center on German-American entertainers Siegfried and Roy. The latter was infamously mauled by a tiger during a show in 2003. Liu further explained,

“It is a higher-minded corrective to both the original seven-episode series as well as comedian Joel McHale’s aftershow special.”

However, one of Goode Films representative disagreed with Liu’s statement. The person further asserted that the direction is not going in a more conservational route, in contrast to what Liu said.

Nevertheless, regardless of whatever statement turns out right, it is certain that the sequel will be highly-anticipated by fans just like other Tiger King adaptations.

Details about other Tiger King adaptations

Elsewhere, Universal Content Productions are working on a drama adaptation about Carole Baskin. The Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon is reportedly set to play Baskin.

The said character is Joe Exotic’s enemy, and is known to be an animal rights activist.  Baskin would accuse Exotic of animal abuses, and specifically breeding tigers for the purposes of being photographed as cubs with excited visitors. Because of this, Joe’s hatred for Carole grew and he consequently accused her of killing her own husband.

Aside from this, there is a Tiger King TV adaptation in the works. The series is being produced by Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios. It will soon be offered to TV networks and streaming platforms.

Reportedly, the upcoming show is based on an article published in Texas Monthly, titled Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into The World Of A Man Gone Wild, by Leif Reigstad. Nicolas Cage is set to play eccentric zoo owner Joe Exotic in this new adaptation.

As of press time, there are have been no release dates announced for any of the Tiger King sequel or adaptations. However, it’s safe to say that fans have a lot of big cat-related travesties waiting for the foreseeable future.

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